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Eudora drivers line up for discounts, information on ethanol gasoline

May 12, 2005

The line of cars waiting to fuel at the Eudora KWIK Shop Monday recalled those of the 1970s oil crunch.

But in this case, the waiting motorists were not worried about the availability of fuel. The appeal was a 30-cent per gallon discount on fuel for those willing to try gasoline blended with 10 percent ethanol.

KWIK Shop manager Jody McAfee said 200 customers took advantage of the offer.

The drive was sponsored by the Douglas County Farm Bureau, Kansas Agri-Women and the Kansas Corn and Grain Sorghum commissions.

Eudora Police officers were in the area to direct traffic and to keep an orderly line. At the height of the afternoon, the line for gas made a loop in the C&S Market parking lot, a block down the street from the gas station.

But the line moved quickly as volunteers at the pumps kept the fuel going.

McAfee said several people brought along their gas cans to capitalize on the savings of the fuel made with ethanol.

Ethanol fuel is made when corn and grain sorghum is turned into a high-octane, clean burning fuel. Supporters say it is better for the environment than standard gasoline and better for the Kansas economy because it creates a higher demand for Kansas crops.

Jim Congrove of the Douglas County Farm Bureau was one of several volunteers providing full service at the pumps Monday afternoon. He said he was confident the promotion would raise awareness in Eudora for the use of ethanol fuel.

"Most of the people we talk to are really interested," he said.

He said people he talked to liked the idea that the fuel was good for their cars, the environment and the economy.

"Some people ask if it will hurt their cars," he said. "But all the major companies are saying it's as good or better than regular gas."

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