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Time to study K-10 rush hour snarls

November 10, 2005

It's no secret that we in this office put out two newspapers -- one for De Soto and one for Eudora. Not surprisingly for two communities separated by six miles and linked by a freeway, the cities share many of the same opportunities and challenges. It is not uncommon that we do a story in one paper on an issue that surfaces in the other city a short time later.

De Soto is in the midst of conducting a study on the need for traffic lights at one of its Kansas Highway 10 ramps and Lexington Avenue, the main arterial to the city. While not totally conclusive, the study indicates growing traffic volume and the number of accidents support the need for a traffic light at the intersection.

Although we'll concede we can offer nothing more than an observation, the De Soto intersection -- while more complicated -- is nowhere near as busy as the two Church Street/K-10 intersections in Eudora. Anyone who has attempted to turn on to Church Street from the two freeway off-ramps at either the morning or evening rush hour can attest to the frustrating wait needed to find a suitable gap in traffic with which to turn on to Church. A wait long enough to spur hasty decisions, we have observed a number of wrecks at the two intersections.

We don't know that a traffic signal is needed at either Church Street intersection, something that couldn't be done without the Kansas Department of Transportation's blessing, or that other remedies would ease the rush-hour crunch. But it seems time the need be examined. Traffic on the ramps and Church Street is going to keep increasing, perhaps explosively with development spurred by the completion of the sewer interceptor.

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