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October 6, 2005

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for myself and for my profession.

Honestly the media even drives me nuts sometimes, and we had all sit down, buckle up and better get ready for some frustrating stories.

Basically, nothing drives me crazier than TV analysts rolling on for hours explaining why something will or won't happen without citing any real facts or evidence.

One of the most annoying examples is the Texas-Oklahoma football game.

This weekend the Longhorns will try and knock off the Sooners for the first time since Bob Stoops was born (or so the analysts would have you believe).

And get ready. There will be five, 10, maybe 20 experts try and explain how hard it will be for Texas to win because the Longhorns always get psyched out in the Red River Shootout.

No matter the talent on the field, the Sooners hold an edge we will all be told, because they have dominated in recent years.

I'm sorry. I'm afraid that isn't the case.

Sure Oklahoma has dominated recently, but how can anyone be dumb enough to contend that one of the major reasons for this is what happened last year, or the year before?

Maybe, just maybe, Oklahoma has owned the series recently because it has had a better team. It has had better players, a better offense, a better defense and a better plan.

It's about the same as saying De Soto possesses a distinct advantage in its match up with Eudora this season because of last season's game.


I think Texas wins this year.

I don't want to touch that Eudora-De Soto game with a 10-foot pole, though.

Early in the season I thought De Soto had the edge, but Eudora has been crazy good the last couple games.

De Soto's defense has come away with key turnovers and outside of a game so muddy it may as well have been played in the Superdome, the offense has been fine as well.

Eudora on the other hand beat Central Heights 61-6.

I saw the Vikings play and I was impressed that De Soto beat them by three. I have no idea how to classify a 61-6 win. Sure things got a little out of hand and snowballed, but wow. That's impressive.

I think Eudora's fast enough on defense to at least slow De Soto's running back, Tyler Farmer and the Cardinals have loads of offensive weapons of their own, even if they've been inconsistent at times.

De Soto's linebackers and safeties are quick enough to keep it close, however, and the Wildcats pass rush has kept quarterbacks on their backs all season long.

That said, the score will be 26-26.

Texas will beat OU. If there's a supreme being, K-State will destroy KU. The Red Sox will go down in the first round and the Cardinals (of St. Louis, not Eudora) will advance to the World Series.

I'm better than the TV idiots because I've offered evidence. Well, at least I admit I'm guessing.

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