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Days Gone By

September 8, 2005

7 years ago
August 1998
Matt Taylor was hired as the engineer for the City of Eudora. His duties as the city engineer included administration on the loan for the wastewater treatment plant project, plan review, construction inspection, reviewing pay requests and other general project administration.
¢ Red House Recording owner Sam Platt provided tours of his facility on the northwest corner of Seventh and Main streets to Eudora chamber members at its third quarter general meeting.
The studio was housed in the historic Pilla building. Evidence of another era still remained: Charles Pilla's vault and safe, a basement trap door, an elegant curved staircase, brick walls and ornate ceiling tiles.
Chamber members touring the building took turns speculating about the rumored tunnel system that ran under Eudora's Main Street, particularly between the Pilla store and the Pilla house. Some said they believed the tunnels were used as an underground railway system during the Civil War, while others thought the subterraneous passages gave the Pilla family a private way to go from home to work.
¢ Ray and Frieda Culbertson celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a camping and fishing trip to Taylor Park, Colo. Their three children joined them.
¢ Winners of the "My Summer Vacation" poster contest were second-grader Aron Mott, third-grader Tyler Henson, fifth-grader Jason Horton and sixth-grader Devin Merkel.

15 years ago
August 1990
Public meetings took place at Nottingham Elementary School to review the Eudora school district's request to hold a bond election and to set a hearing date for the appeal of the state fire marshal's order closing the 1918 section of the secondary complex.
¢ Fern Long accompanied her granddaughter Barbara Rowe, Shawnee, to visit Barbara's sister, Mary E. Boyd and sons, Joshua and Andrew, in Naperville, Ill.
Some of the interesting places seen on the trip were Abraham Lincoln's boyhood home, law office and historic neighborhood, old and new state capitols and the cemetery at Springfield.
¢ The new storage units, Eudora Self Storage, located just west of Byrne's Pharmacy, were completed and ready for use.

27 years ago
August 1978
A 1976 Chevrolet half-ton pickup, owned by Thomas Seats, was totally consumed by fire.
Seats was driving his pickup west on old Kansas Highway 10, near Birch Street, when he noticed a fire between the truck cab and bed.
The Eudora City Fire Department responded to the scene, but the pickup, valued at $3,100, was a total loss. A cause for the fire was not known.
¢ The Eudora Booster Club hosted a watermelon feed at the sports complex to get acquainted with new members. The melons were provided by Danny Abel, and Merlin Eisenbarger provided a cooler and ice.
¢ A fire, which occurred one mile west of Eudora on rural 15th Street, in a field farmed by Harold Neis, destroyed $5,000 worth of baled alfalfa hay.
The Eudora Township Fire Department responded to the blaze. No cause was determined for the fire, which destroyed 100 bales of the hay, each weighing 1,500 pounds.

67 years ago
August 1938
The second day of the CPA Picnic, with ideal weather, brought out an estimated crowd of about 5,000.
Donald Seiwald took first in the bicycle race for boys 10 and younger. John David Nieder took second.
There were 12 entries in the tall corn contest. Ben Bartz won first prize with a corn stalk measuring 14 feet 8 inches. F.L. Hartman won second with a stalk 14 6-3/4 inches tall.
¢ A fire, which spread quickly at the Clarence Neis farm, one mile north of Eudora in Leavenworth County, destroyed a garage, chicken house and shed.
About 75 men from Eudora and the vicinity acted as volunteer firemen, and by heroic work, extinguished the blaze. The farm home was saved as the wind was in the south. The damage was estimated at $500.
¢ John Moody, a farmer in Kaw Valley, was building his fourth silo. He believed it was economical to save every Kansas crop, and by having sufficient silo space, he could do so.
¢ Miss Magdalene Grosdidier, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Grosdidier, began nurses training at St. Margaret's Hospital in Kansas City, Kan. She graduated from Eudora High School and attended Ursuline Academy at Paola for one term.

89 years ago
August 1916
The Philathea class of the Methodist church gave a miscellaneous shower for Mrs. Will Smith, who was recently married. The shower was at the home of Miss Olive Carr.
¢ Mrs. Henry Landon was quite sick.
¢ Charles and Will Brazel left for Spokane, Wash., on a land excursion.
¢ Miss Georgia Stanley underwent an appendectomy in Kansas City.
¢ Hubert Woodard purchased the Eudora garage of Carl Beber.
¢ Ed Dillard, who recently returned from Phoenix, moved into the Mrs. Maul property near the city park. The Dillards left Eudora about 12 years before.
¢ Miss Anna Lothholz left for a month's visit with friends in Raton, N.M.
¢ Fred Schellack bought the Melvin Wilson Case automobile. S.J. Lawson had a fine new Buick Six.
¢ Carl Neis went to Excelsior Springs for his health.
¢ "It has been over seven weeks now since Eudora has had a rain worth mentioning."
¢ Herbert Lawson and Homer Gerstenberger left for Cleveland to attend the seventh National Evangelical Sunday School Convention.
¢ Mrs. Agnes Carr left for El Paso, Texas, to visit her son, Joe. From there, she went through the Grand Canyon and on to San Diego and Los Angeles. She planned to be gone a month.
¢ J.M. Tarleton purchased the Lavo property on Main Street, the place he had conducted his business in for a number of years.

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