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Garage sale to help hurricane victims

September 8, 2005

Throughout Eudora, various organizations are mobilizing to stream aid to those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Tami Klinedinst takes a personal stake in the relief effort.

She's working to organize a community-wide garage sale as a way to focus the efforts of the community.

"I think it would be neat if all of us could meet together to coordinate this to represent the community of Eudora," Klinedinst said. "If you're all doing things separately, it's best if it's coordinated at least to have a greater impact."

Klinedinst said she would be looking to have the sale in the Eudora High School parking lot and is working with local resident Shari Turnbaugh. The tentative date is set for Sept. 24.

Klinedinst said she'd be willing to organize some sort of community-wide relief effort as well.

"That's why I thought the garage sale would be neat. We have people set things up, people will bring in tables," Klinedinst said. "They don't want people to send clothes. They want them to send money, because that's what they need for all these people."

The money raised from the sale could be used for a variety of funds, Klinedinst said.

"We could be able to designate what relief fund they want to supplement on behalf of the community of Eudora," Klinedinst said.

She also said it could be in conjunction with Red Cross relief funds.

Besides offering only garage sale-type items, Klinedinst will also welcome baked goods for a bake sale, and crafts will also be offered, Klinedinst said.

The organizers will also have a box for school supplies to help out the strapped Texas school systems who are taking in the children of refugees.

If the garage sale comes to pass, there will be plenty of opportunities to pitch in. From donating items to helping with set up and eventually clean up.

"I would have to have several people," Klinedinst said. "I would have to have people help to be cashiers, and several tables to help with money."

The biggest help Klinedinst could get at this point would be to publicize the event once it's fully set up.

"I just need people to be aware that this happening," Klinedinst said.

Klinedinst said she's up to the task of organizing the event.

"I love doing this and planning big events, I thought 'I can do this so I will,'" Klinedinst said. "I need to get the word out, make fliers and then put them up around businesses and downtown."

She also needs volunteers.

"The things I will need help with are the tables and the items, and help getting this set up Friday night, and if anyone wants to help with cashiering," Klinedinst said.

Klinedinst also would be willing to help consolidate efforts within the religious community.

Her thought was if churches wanted to pitch in with their local efforts here, they could let that work reflect on the larger work of the organization.

"If they can say to their other church body that we had a community-wide church sale, and this is the money we raised," Klinedinst said. "It would be a community effort."

It would be a community effort that strives to make a tangible difference to a tragedy that hits home, though is still far away.

"If I could be down there, I'd be down there in a heartbeat," Klinedinst said. "But I've got family, I've got work and I've got school at KU. But this is a way to help, a way for people to help who can't go there."

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