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Planned benefit sale moves forward

Help, donations still needed

September 15, 2005

Tami Klinedinst called, and the community answered.

Klinedinst's vision to create a citywide garage sale to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina solidified into a reality this week.

"I handed out a hundred fliers at the football game last Friday, and people were real receptive," Klinedinst said.

The event will take place from 7 a.m. until evening Sept. 24 in the Eudora High School parking lot, 2203 Church St.

The sale will offer food, assorted items and musical entertainment.

"I think it will be a lot of fun. I encourage people to come and participate," Klinedinst said. "We'll have one of those water jugs for people to put donations in if they don't want to buy anything."

So far Klinedinst has received donations and support from many area businesses, but still needs help to make sure it gets off the ground. For instance, Klinedinst still needs tables for the event.

"If people are bringing items and they have a table at home, they should mark their name on it and bring it," Klinedinst said.

She needs other items as well.

"I need help. I need tables and ice

chests to put the sodas in," Klinedinst said. "I need help to take money, and I need help with the food items, too."

Klinedinst said there's a lot of flexibility within the event.

"People just need to call me and I'll set them up where they need to be," Klinedinst said.

The scope of the sale has also been expanded.

In the morning there will breakfast food and pastries donated by Cutter's. In the afternoon Gambino's will donate pizza and throughout the day there will be soda and coffee provided by C&S Market and Sonic, respectively. Alberta Pyle will also be baking bread for the event. Proceeds from the sale of food will go to help the cause.

In addition, other items have been donated from businesses for prize drawings.

Donated items include gift certificates from Cardinal Cleaners, Pyle's Meat Company, Dimensions Hair Studio and The Eudora News.

Klinedinst said she is still accepting donations from other businesses.

"I encourage businesses that read this article that if they want publicity to call me if they are seeking to make donations," Klinedinst said.

Klinedinst will display banners from the participating businesses, or any new businesses that would like to join in.

"I challenge them to meet the donations of the businesses that have already established donations," Klinedinst said.

One issue Klinedinst and Shari Turnbaugh, who's also working to organize the event, still need to nail down is what to do with the money once it's collected.

"Shari and I have been talking about what we want to do with the money, and I'd like to have some feedback from people as to where they want to see the money go," Klinedinst said.

"What I'd like to do is make sure Eudora is recognized for making this money, sort of as a marketing thing for Eudora," Klinedinst said.

One option Turnbaugh and Klinedinst have discussed involves the possibility of setting the money up as a scholarship for displaced students wreaked by the natural disaster.

Klinedinst said she could see the money used for the hurricane victims as long as it is needed, and then if there is money left, it could be a seed for a future scholarship for Eudora students.

The destination for the funds will be settled by the day of the sale, Klinedinst said.

"We'll definitely have something set up by the time the garage sale happens. People need to know where the money is going," Klinedinst said "I think that's important."

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