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Homecoming enlivens week

Tradition stays fun, fresh for Eudora High School students year after year

September 29, 2005

Forget the fact it's more than half gone. The best of this year's homecoming week could still be ahead of students at Eudora High School even with the traditional homecoming parade past and the Central Heights Viking mascot feeling a bit charred after Wednesday's bonfire.

Now, the high school students look toward to the meat of the weekend: the game and the dance.

Homecoming king candidate Guy Kirby Montgomery has a prediction for the game.

"I'm going to say a 12-point win," Montgomery said. "But I'm not a betting man."

For the homecoming royalty, predictions fly in all directions for who the winners could be.

"It's going to be a big surprise because you hate to see two people not get it," said student council sponsor Paul Walrod.

Students will vote for the homecoming king and queen during Friday's lunch period.

This year's candidates are Amanda Gordon, Kelsey Epperson, Megan Ballock, Nolan Smith, Miles Cleveland and Montgomery. Each of the candidates are coupled.

"I'd say the three this year are all officers for student council, and they're basically right in a row as far as offices in student council," Walrod said. "I figure these three have done a lot together.

A few hours later students will pack the stands in Laws Field for this year's showdown against Central Heights fol

lowed by the homecoming dance later in the evening.

Since Monday, the students have been taking part in a smorgasbord of spirit events.

From hick costumes to pajama days to the completely bizarre, students celebrated the fall and their school.

"We usually had the school dressed up (in costumes) and participating somehow, so that's pretty good," Walrod said.

Each day the student council had contests for the best dressed, and later they'll reward the class that participated the most.

"I think participation has been pretty good," Walrod said.

About mid-week, students saw the homecoming events really start picking up.

Wednesday was Wacky Day.

"Wacky Day is pretty much, what you would call a tradition," Walrod said. "Some folks will wear miscolored, mismatching clothes. Last year some guys dressed up as gladiator-type things, or wore beards where they kind of resembled the dwarf from the Lord of the Rings."

The homecoming celebrations moved outside later in the day Wednesday.

The homecoming candidates rode in cars and the band tuned up for its march down the streets of Eudora from Elm to Maple to Main streets until they arrived downtown at the Eudora Community Learning Center.

"It's more a parade and pep rally and we burn the mascot," Walrod said.

At the learning center, the students gathered for the outdoor pep rally.

Following the rally, with the help of the Eudora City Fire Department, the Cardinals prepared to send an effigy of the Central Heights mascot on a landlocked Viking funeral.

The spirit days at the school continue until Friday, when the week will culminate in a school colors day and with what Walrod considers the highlight of the week.

"Probably for everybody the highlight is finding out the winners Friday, because that's the only thing that's unknown," he said.

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