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September 29, 2005

Quote of the week: "Man, I did not see this coming."

Everyone can thank Mitch Holthus, voice of the Kansas City Chiefs, for that one.

Yes, it seems a great many people were shocked and awed as the Chiefs met their fate in the Denver Broncos Monday night, losing 30-10.

And, I have to admit even I, an adamant Denver fan, didn't expect the Broncos to lay down that kind of a beating.

What I did expect was Denver to play a lot better than most people around here wanted to think was possible.

All I heard all week long was what a joke Denver's defense must be because it added four guys that had been on the abysmal Cleveland Browns last season.

Plenty of people also pointed out how worthless quarterback Jake Plummer reportedly was.

Well, I think we've worked through some of those rumors. The Broncos defensive line -- and I'll base this solely on the number of times Trent Green had to run for his very existence -- is fine, even fantastic, with four members of the Cleveland Browns.

And Plummer, whom everyone said would get killed on a bootleg pass or run Monday night, not only survived, but ran the bootleg about a dozen times totally untouched.

Face it: It's going to be a battle. Kansas City's not this bad, but they certainly aren't the class of the conference either. Don't count San Diego out yet either.

It's going to be a dogfight between those three teams all the way to the playoffs.

  • Eudora's football might be en route to something special this season. Since another reporter is assigned the beat, I haven't covered any of their games, but even from a distance I know what it means when a senior quarterback leads a game-winning drive and caps it off with a long touchdown run in the final seconds.

What this team doesn't have in size, it has in an uncanny ability to survive. It's always nice to have size, speed and strength, but having the guts to pull out a tight one is worth more than all three.

  • I wrote about how excited the Eudora soccer team got when it scored a goal against De Soto, but the Cardinals could do more than just score against the Wildcats when the teams face off in a rematch Oct. 20.

Since the two teams met, De Soto is 1-5, and has scored only two goals in its last five games.

There's still probably a distance between the two programs, but after Eudora beat Gardner this week, the gap is closing a lot quicker than I expected.

  • A couple weeks ago I wrote about the battle over the remote with my girlfriend. Well, she has started watching football a little bit, and I think purely to annoy me, she has taken up the Chiefs as her team.

I'm passionate, mind you. So passionate, that when she joined some of her friends at a bar to watch the game Monday night, I stayed in my apartment. I like to express my emotions, see, and Monday that meant screaming, hollering, clapping and more dancing than any Westport club could handle.

My girlfriend on the other hand, announced she was going to the bathroom with two minutes remaining in Kansas City's Sept. 18 win in Oakland. The game literally down to the wire, I gasped, as she had been pretty involved to that point. She explained it, though.

If the Chiefs lost, she would be in the bathroom and wouldn't see or ever know about it. If they won, she'd surely hear it from someone.

I just don't get it.

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