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The Fly Route

August 3, 2006

You've seen them, probably at work -- I won't tell, I promise.

Videos are everywhere you go on the Internet these days and they've become so popular, they creep beyond net culture and right into the mainstream.

Whether it's the numa-numa dancing dork, the "Boom goes the dynamite" sportscaster or that great video of a little kid getting drilled by the half-court basketball shot, the popularity of these videos have grown amazingly in the last couple of years, and now, thanks to, those looking to blow off a few minutes or a few hours of work can find it all at the same place.

Plenty of these videos involve sports, and I've compiled a list of my 10 favorite sports clips. Go to the Web site and search the appropriate phrases. The video clip I'm pointing out should be at the top of the list of search results.

10. Buzzer-beaten

It's a video clip that's made its way around the Internet, but it's still worth a look. A player hurls the basketball the length of the court, coming nowhere near hitting the bucket. He did manage to drill a kid running behind the basket though. Search "basketball funny."

9. Can't get enough of the Dynamite

Hopefully this kid has taken his lumps and will someday use these lessons to become a rich and successful sports broadcaster. He'd deserve it with the amount of embarrassment that's been sent his way thanks to one ugly performance on a college television station. The "Boom goes the dynamite" video clip is an Internet staple and should be required viewing. Search "Boom goes the dynamite."

8. Steve Atwater, the brick wall

I don't care who you root for, if you can't appreciate Denver Bronco safety Steve Atwater's leveling of Kansas City Chiefs running back Christian Okoye, you aren't a football fan. Search "Atwater smash" for the best clip.

7. Sproles rolls

I said this was the list of my favorites, so I couldn't go without tossing in a few of my favorite Kansas State football clips. Darren Sproles may not go down as the greatest player in Kansas State history, but there's plenty of clips available to show why he is among the top two or three on anyone's list. Search "Darren Sproles" for a good highlight reel of his entire career at K-State, or search "Darren Sproles MU" for a great breakdown of one play against the hapless Missouri Tigers that goes a long way toward showing just what made the little man so special.

6. The headbutt heard 'round the world

Even if the World Cup didn't deliver breakthrough ratings this year, at least one bit of it did slip into the mainstream here in the United States. Zinedine Zidane's headbutt in the final minutes of the World Cup final has been replayed 1,000,000 times across this country and every other. Amazingly, it's still worth a look. He de-cleats the guy with a headbutt for heaven's sake. Search "World Cup headbutt."

5. Bye, bye birdie

I've heard Randy Johnson himself didn't find this funny, and I guess I see his point. It probably drives animal rights people crazy. Still, I can't resist. Search "Randy Johnson bird" and watch one of the best pitchers of the last decade explode a bird that was truly in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's an absolute classic.

4. The curse is alive

Even after acknowledging what a waste of time it must have been to piece it all together, one has to stand back and marvel at a complete replay of the 10th inning of Game Six of the 1986 World Series, the Bill Buckner game. Someone recreated it on Nintendo's RBI Baseball, and matched the real radio broadcast to the 8-bit action. Amazing. Utterly, stupefying, sickeningly amazing. Search "RBI game 6."

3. Bo knows everything

I grew up a Bo Jackson fanatic and was forever disappointed when he didn't homer or break a bat over his knee in any of the few baseball games I got to see him play. Jackson's real legacy wouldn't be on the diamond, however. Search "Bo Jackson" in the search bar at and you'll find some fantastic highlights of his best runs on the football field. Add in "Tecmo" to the search and you'll see where Jackson really shined: in Tecmo Bowl for the Nintendo, where he was the most unstoppable video game athlete of all time.

2. Lockett-up

Kevin Lockett displays why he was one of my childhood heroes in a clip taken from the 1993 Colorado game. Not only was it an amazing catch, I saw it live and it happened on my side of the field, right in front of my family's seats, making this flashback all the more sweet. Search "Kevin Lockett."

1. The way things ought to be.

Again, my list, my favorites. Search "KSU vs. KU," sit back and enjoy the show.

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