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The Fly Route

August 10, 2006

It's now been an entire year since I attended school of any kind, but a recent trip to Target proved I'm not yet that far removed from the grind.

Stores seem to be taking the Christmas approach to "Back to School" sales. Every year, Target and others of its ilk push the notebook, backpacks and pencils out a week earlier and every kid who wanders past with a parent is torn between the unquenchable desire to have something -- anything -- brand new and the ripping feeling in the gut that says the time has come and summer is over.

This week marks that time for me. Summer is over. Fall practices begin Monday and this is the last issue of the paper I'll have to produce where I won't have practices and games and players and coaches to rely upon to fill my pages.

Just like when I was a kid, I'm excited and sad.

This will be my second year covering sports here, and I'm really looking forward to another nine months of great games.

Then again free Friday nights all summer long was pretty sweet, too.

  • Fans every which way seem to be blowing gaskets.

In Kansas City, speculation won't die that Willie Roaf might return to the Chiefs.

Having absolutely no inside source on this topic, allow me to make two points.

First, the Chiefs will miss Roaf, but the loss of Tony Richardson and Al Saunders already had me wondering about the offense,

Second, who says they're going to retire over and over and over as a plot to skip training camp? Somehow that just doesn't add up to me.

  • Kansas State fans meanwhile have plenty to worry about as well.

Allan Evridge is the third Wildcat quarterback to transfer since Ron Prince took over as coach in the offseason.

That's a troubled statistic.

He's also the third quarterback to transfer since super-recruit Josh Freeman showed up.

That's a little more comforting statistic.

It's never good to hemorrhage skill and experience the way K-State has in the last couple of months, but it would seem Freeman provides all the depth the team will need for now.

I think Dylan Meier will start the season and if he can't finish, Freeman can step in. He'll be a true freshman in the Big 12 conference, never a good formula, but he has to be doing something right if three other quarterbacks don't see themselves getting any snaps with Freeman in the mix.

I hate to see Evridge go. All my experiences with him pointed to him being a stand up kid with a lot of heart and some serious potential. But there's only one football and unfortunately, everyone can't be happy.

  • I ask only one thing of new NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Please cut down on preseason games.

NFL preseason games are nothing but torture for fans like me. I'm a little too busy to care who my team's fourth string quarterback is and I don't really care who earns a spot on special teams, so there's very little like until the regular season starts.

The preseason is just slow, painful fan torture.

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