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Council contracts for street improvement

August 17, 2006

The Eudora City Council approved spending $355,000 Monday for extensive Main Street road and sewer drainage overhauls in the area between Seventh and Ninth streets on as part of the city's downtown beautification project.

The total will be bonded out with the approved $3.8 million community building and aquatic center.

The council also approved a total of up to $67,000 to draft a three-phase design for sewer drain improvements in areas from Seventh Street to Sixth Street and Ninth Street to 10th Street.

The designs will be drafted by BG Consultants, and will be covered in a transportation enhancement grant from the Kansas Department of Transportation awarded to Eudora earlier in the year.

Eudora city engineer Brian Kingsley of BG Consultants told the city it needed to address issues his company found when surveying the area between Seventh and Eighth streets earlier in the year.

Basically, BG Consultants found the street was too flat. Excessive rainfall created drainage problems and caused water to pool near the fire station, Kingsley said.

Kingsley returned with a new contract to design solutions for the street and drainage system issues.

"Since you're looking into constructing these improvements together, we looked at a more efficient way to do the storm sewer," Kingsley said. "What we decided to do was take this storm drain at Ninth and Main, pipe it to the north at Eighth and Main, and discharge it through the pipe."

In addition to improving the storm drainage, BG Consultants suggested repaving the street to a 1 percent grade.

"We want to create some grade so the water flows down to the storm sewers and right on out," Kingsley said.

The overlay and drainage problems are just part of Eudora's beautification project. The city will also install decorative sidewalks and lighting fixtures while adding greenery to Main Street.

"We've got about $1.6 million worth of improvements that we're talking about," Kingsley said.

The entire project will be supplemented by money from the state transportation grant, which will cover 80 percent of the total cost. Likewise, the county has agreed to set aside $190,000 for road improvements.

To pay for the overall construction of the overlay and drainage projects, the city council approved to bond out $300,000 for the sewer drain and $55,000 for the street project.

The passage of the city's bond package for a recreation center made the timing more convenient.

"Because the community center and aquatic center passed, and we are going to proceed with sales of the bonds in September, you would save a lot of money in bonding expenses if you tag this project with it and sell the bonds all together," Eudora City Administrator Cheryl Beatty said.

Although the council passed an ordinance for each project separately, both gained unanimous votes.

The council also officially approved the grant contract with KDOT, which had been delayed a month.

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