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Pool timeline should make results priority

August 24, 2006

After first proposing the city of Eudora put back the opening of a new pool until May 2008, BG Consultants project manager Tom Arpin has proposed a time schedule that would allow the pool to open in time for the next swim season, which starts Memorial Day 2007, and the community center ready for use in September 2007.

Understandably, Eudora City Council members weren't pleased with the suggestion the pool wouldn't be finished until 2008. They had, after all, asked voters last month for the $3.8 million to build the complex.

Many things need to fall into place to realize a full swim season next year. As the consultant told the council, construction of the pool would start in the winter. If 2007 doesn't follow the recent trend of mild winters or the spring is wet, construction could be delayed.

Another hiccup could surface before construction starts. Bid letting is scheduled for November. In an era of escalating construction costs, bid openings have become unpredictable events. There have been a number of public projects in the area in which all bids exceeded the available construction funds, causing a delay in the start of construction as public officials and the low bidder negotiated cost-saving measures.

Through all this, the city's objective should be to get the best end product as much as officials would like to see the pool open the last weekend in May and the recreation center open in September. The new amenities should benefit the community for the next three decades. They need to be built right.

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