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Welcome to “Campaign Briefing”

August 29, 2006

Campaigns that will decide the future of the state and its politics are underway and will culminate on Nov. 7. Between now and then, this blog - like its cousin "Congressional Briefing" - will provide all the latest campaign news from outlets across the state.

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Governor's race

(Wichita Eagle) GOP unites behind Barnett for governor: State Sen. Jim Barnett, the Republican nominee for governor, announced endorsements Monday by a virtual Who's Who of Kansas Republican politics. U.S. senators and representatives, ex-governors, statewide office-holders and legislative leaders all added their names to the list. Republicans endorsing a Republican might be taken for granted elsewhere, but not in Kansas. Four years ago, departing Gov. Bill Graves waited six weeks after the primary before endorsing Republican nominee Tim Shallenburger, then took no active role in his campaign. The two were often at odds when Shallenburger was House speaker.

(Topeka Capital-Journal) State farmers offer mixed picture: Sebelius on Monday said she planned to propose funding for a new Office of Rural Development that would employ economic development strategists to help small towns develop revitalization plans. She said the Kansas Farm Bureau already has been working with communities on economic development plans, and her office likely would work with the farm organization. ... Of Sebelius' rural development plans, Barnett said tax cuts would work better than new government jobs. "The way we grow the economy of western Kansas is to make our state a business-friendly state and lowering taxes," he said.

Attorney General's race

( commentary) Kansas Abortion-Sexual Abuse Probe an Issue in Attorney General Race: A probe Attorney General Phill Kline conducted earlier this year into whether young girls had been raped and had abortions to cover up the actions is playing a key role in his campaign for re-election. Kline is coming under attack from Democrat Paul Morrison, who says the investigation was a violation of privacy. ... Kline said his investigation was not a part of a political agenda but a legitimate effort to protect girls in Kansas. "When I have a 10-year-old who gets pregnant and gets a late-term abortion and was impregnated at the age of 9, and no one calls the police, I don't consider it a narrow agenda to try and bring her rapist to justice," he told the Dodge City Daily Globe. ... Morrison, the Johnson County District Attorney, is attempting to make the effort to protect Kansas girls an issue in the race. He told the Globe newspaper he disagreed with the probe. "It is disingenuous for Mr. Kline to try to justify his serious violation of privacy by claiming to investigate child rape, because three-quarters of the records belong to adult women," he claimed.

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