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Days gone by

August 31, 2006

7 years ago


August 1999

Early enrollment numbers showed Eudora schools with 47 more students than the previous year and more likely to enroll.

The number of students in kindergarten through third grade enrolled at Nottingham Elementary School totaled 348. Eudora West Elementary had 291 in grades four to six. Eudora Middle School had 184 in seventh and eighth grades, and Eudora High School had 345.

  • Eudora resident Nate "Solomon" Hofer released "Forever Always Ends," a Bloodshot Records CD with his honkytonk band, Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys.

Hofer played pedal steel guitar, Dobro, mandolin and harmonica on the album.

  • Eudora News reporter Stacie Neis left her position at the newspaper after being named the associate editor of Grit Magazine in Topeka.

Neis left a staff position at the newspaper in June 1998 to become an editorial assistant at the magazine but continued to cover meetings for the local publication. In January, she was named an assistant editor and became editor of the Topeka magazine's two food pages. As an associate editor, she would be more involved in writing and editing features published in the bi-weekly and continue to write a column for Grit's Hometown Kitchen page.

15 years ago


August 1991

The state of Kansas was offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the confirmed whereabouts of a Linwood teenager who disappeared more than three years before.

Randy Leach, who was a Linwood High School senior, and the family car, a gray 1985 Dodge 600, were last seen at a graduation party in rural Linwood about 2 a.m. April 16, 1988.

The Leavenworth County Sheriff's Department received an executive order signed by Gov. Joan Finney, Secretary of State Bill Graves and Joe de la Torre, deputy assistant secretary of state, offering the reward money to anyone who could lead to the apprehension and felony conviction of a person or people responsible for Leach's disappearance.

  • A group of local business people were scheduled to meet to explore establishing a local chamber of commerce.

The group was meeting under the sponsorship of the Eudora Lions Club, which voted earlier in the summer to appoint an ad hoc group to determine if a local chamber should be created.

Lions Club President Richard Wittenauer and two other club members -- Gary Klotz and David Miller, organized the meeting.

Others on the committee were Ken Adkinson, Stan Byrne, Richard Campbell, Mayor James Hoover, Bert Hull, Gary Lamoreux, Leo Lauber, Arlene Lawson, James Martin, Tom Pyle, Mary Ann Stewart and Mike Westerhouse.

  • The Eudora Board of Education reviewed three proposed plans for a new high school at a special meeting.

Dale Glenn, president of PKG Design Group in Lawrence, went over each plan with board members, discussing possible changes and alternatives in the building.

Glenn also presented board members with a proposed timeline for the construction of a new facility as well as estimated costs of each plan presented for a new high school.

  • Kenny Grosdidier was inducted into the Phillips 66 TropArtic 100,000 Mile Club in 1990. The club, established in 1988, recognized car owners who had vehicles with more than 100,000 miles on their odometers and who had used the motor oil for the life of their engine.

The odometer on Grosdidier's 1976 Ford Elite had almost 220,000 miles.

28 years ago


August 1978

A fire one mile west of Eudora on rural 15th Street in a field farmed by Harold Neis destroyed $5,000 worth of baled alfalfa hay.

The Eudora Township Fire Department responded to the blaze. No cause was determined for the fire, which destroyed 100 bales of the hay. Each bale weighed 1,500 pounds.

  • The 13-year-old Jayhawk Babe Ruth team finished second in the state tournament in Winfield.

Team members from Eudora were Terry Beem, Kent Noble, Jim Brown and Marty Boyd.

The team was managed by Bill Langston and coached by C.K. Noble and Bud Nicolay, Wellsville.

  • The Kaw Valley Elementary School, located west of Eudora, received an estimated $200 in damage after a fire broke out at the location.

Embers from a trash fire two days before were possibly the cause of the blaze. The fire was out when the damage was discovered.

Windowpanes on the west side of the school building were apparently damaged by the heat of a fire started in one of two 50-gallon barrels sitting beneath them. The fire, which was reportedly confined to the area around the trash barrels, also damaged a set of window blinds.

  • The Eudora City Council accepted a resignation from Municipal Judge John Beach, effective Aug. 31.

77 years ago


August 1929

Work was progressing nicely on the new bridge across the Little Wakarusa by the Blue Jacket farm.

  • Mrs. Alma Gerstenberger was hostess to the members of the Iota Phi Phi Club. Bridge was played at three tables.

Myrtle Griffith won the guest prize. The prize for high score was won by Pearl Rosenau and the consolation prize was awarded to Anna Kanzig.

  • Fire was discovered in the room occupied by Joe Hilban, who resided in the American House. The fire department was called out and the boys soon had the blaze under control.

It burned a hole in the floor about three- by five-feet into the room formerly occupied by The Eudora News.

A bed and mattress and some furniture was destroyed. S.J. Lawson owned the building.

Later in the evening, the fire department was called out again to a grass fire near the Eudora Mills. The fire was endangering the tanks of the Conoco Oil Co. The fire was soon put out and the fire engine returned to its garage.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Gideon Breithaupt returned home after a three-week visit with their son, Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Breithaupt in Detroit, Mich.

They spent time at the Great Lakes, taking a ship ride far out into the water beyond the sign of land.

Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Breithaupt accompanied them home over land, visiting in Canada, Wisconsin, Illinois, Cumberland and Atlantic, Iowa.

  • T.O. Dwyer was building a new chicken house. Alva Parker was assisting him with the building.

85 years ago



July 1921

The list of names of those who did the excavation for the community room of the new M.E. Church on July 22, 1921, and retrieved Aug. 16, 2006, from the cornerstone of the Eudora United Methodist Church were Benj. O. Bartz, Grant Edelbrock, Guy Grimes, Vance Grimes, Earnest Haelsig, Walter Haelsig, Arnold Hammig, Deveaux R. Kohler, E.W. Kraus, LeRoy Kraybill, Cyril Miller and Walter Wilson.

  • The list of subscribers' names for the new M.E. Church in Eudora in July 1921 and retrieved Aug. 16, 2006, from the cornerstone of the Eudora United Methodist Church were J.D. Adams, Mary G. Allen, Jessie H. Anderson, H.N. Anderson, Chas. L. Baecker, Fred H. Barber, Benj. O. Bartz, Elizabeth Bartz, F.C. Bartz, George Bartz, Mrs. Mary Bartz, Louis J. Bartz, F.C. Betts, Mrs. F.C. Betts, Freda J. Betts, Caroline Bohnsack, H.C. Bohnsack, Mrs. Caroline Brecheisen, Jesse Brecheisen, Lena Brecheisen, Sarah Brecheisen, W.P. Brecheisen, Floyd Broers, George Broers, E.H. Brown, Oscar Brecheisen, Bellview Ladies Aid;

Stella Copp, C.J. Copp, Nellie Catlin, Allen Cochrun, L.C. Cox and family, C.E. Cory, E.C. Carr, Hazel Charles, Gladys Charles, Mrs. M.E. Charles, Herbert Charles, Cook and O'Brien, H.N. Stucker, C.R. Copp, M.H. Cox, Alvena Dolisi, J.F. Copp and family, Gleaners Sunday School class, Philathea Sunday School class, Anti Can'ts Sunday School class, Busy Bees Sunday School class, Beginners Sunday School class, Steem Roller Sunday School class, Primary Sunday School class, Fay Leppers Sunday School class, Dorcas Sunday School class, Mens Bible class, John Everley, John Edelbrock, Grant Edelbrock, T.F. Ellis;

Arthur Eisele, Mrs. Christine Eisele, Robert Eisele, Clifford Eisele, Alfred Eisele, T.C. Finley, A.F. Finley, Lizzie Finley, C.S. Fuller, C.L. Fuller, W.A. Fuller, Lillia Fuller, Fred Frye, Henry Fry, A.H. Fiehler, E.S. Forscythe, William Fuhs, P.H. Gabriel, Guy Grimes, A. Griffin, E.H. Grob, Ralph Grob, S.C. Gilmore, Annie Gilmore, Josephine Gilmore, R.E. Gabriel, A. Gnase, S.J. Gabriel, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Gabriel, C.A. Hill, Almyra Hoyt, Alma Hughes, Francis Hughes, Ellen Hughes, Lawrence Hughes, William Hughes, Mrs. Nydia Hughes, I.D. Harris and family;

Mrs. Charles Harvey, Arnold Hammig, C.R. Hunt and Co., Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Holmes, L.M. Holmes, J.E. Haverty, W.G. Joy, Edward Knabe, LeRoy Kraybill, John Kanzig, Leslie Kindred, Mrs. E.B. Kindred, Edwin Kanzig, J.N. Kraybill and wife, Arthur Kraus, Euretta Kraus, Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Kraus, Christine Kanzig, Henry Kurtz, Mrs. Alice Kohler, Mrs. D.R. Kohler, William Lothholz, Adolph Lotz Jr., Carl Lotz, F.E. Laughlin, Marie Lepper, Mrs. Louis Lefmann, J. M. Leonhard, Fay L. Lepper, Mary Lefmann, J.W. A. Lefmann, Julius Lotz, Ed. Marshall, William Mertz, Mrs. Ellen Musick;

Genevieve Miller, Cyril B. Miller, C.A. Moody, A.L. Mohler, Miller and Miller, Nancy J. McFarland, James McCabria, John Moody, Louis Moll, Minnie McCrea, J.F. Marley, Charles Nemic, Carl Neis, Benj. Neis, Lillian Oberbach, Henry Oberbach, Arthur Ott, Poehler Mercantile Co., Carrie E. Pratt, Frank Roe, Otto Rosenau, Robert Reusch, C.F. Richards, Mabel Rush, M.C. Rosenau, H.A. Schubert, C.E. Sheldon, Dan Scannell, Sim Snyder, Gladys Schubert, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Schellack, Flora Strong, J.L. Smith, A.J. Smith, Albert Schutz, W.R. Smith, George Schubert and family;

F.C. Starr, Otto Spitzli, Will Spitzli, M.B. Starr, M. L. Sowers, Henry Thoren, Erwin Thoren, Charles W. Terrell, Sarah C. Terrell, Mary Thoren, Trefz Variety Store, J.M. Tarleton, Joseph Vitt, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Vitt, Elmer Wilson, F.O. Wells, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walker, Fred Walker, H.E. Westerhaus, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wilson, H.O. Woodard, James Williams, W.S. Powell, R.A. Waters, Frank Walters, Don and Eli Westheffer, H.A. White and family, W.H. Ziesenis and Joe Zillner.

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