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Historical preservation worthy effort

August 31, 2006

Members of the Eudora United Methodist Church recently learned how fragile the past can be.

The congregation opened a time capsule Aug. 20 removed earlier from behind the cornerstone of the church it was leaving after 85 years. The congregation found much of the material so precious to them severely damaged by moisture. Some of the information their church forefathers chose to pass down to them has been retrieved and they are working with conservators to retrieve more.

The past is at once as tangible as the present and ethereal. Every moment left its imprint on those to come. But just as it is impossible for us to sum up our current world, a complete understanding of the past is beyond our grasp and how to recognize those imprints.

It is a task made more difficult as those who remember the past leave us and writings, photographs and artifacts are lost. We live more and more in a world without context unable to understand the whispers of ghosts through place names, buildings and institutions.

A small group of Eudora residents attempt to preserve our history through the Eudora Historical Society. Open the second Saturday of most months, its small museum in the old middle school houses a collection of artifacts, documents, furnishings and clothing that reveal the richness of everyday life in Eudora's past.

We would encourage all to visit the museum and support it, especially with the city's sesquicentennial months away. The past it reveals provides a valuable awakening to the present.

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