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Days gone by

December 7, 2006

7 years ago
December 1999
The Eudora City Council approved the lighting of legal fireworks from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Dec. 31, 1999 and Jan. 1, 2000 to ring in the millennium.
¢ A fire broke out at the home of Angie Grape in Winchester Estates.
Grape believed the fire started when her son lit a candle and then placed the used match in a homemade container constructed from popsicle sticks and cardboard. The fire burned through the top of a desk in the downstairs bedroom and then up a wall.
The Eudora Fire Department was called to the scene, but Grape's family and neighbors had the fire out before local firefighters arrived. No one was injured.
¢ Thanks to her first corrective eye surgery in November, Dominique Rogers was seeing things she had never seen before, including Christmas decorations.
During the local first-grader's stay at Children's Mercy Hospital, she had both her eyes removed and the nerves and muscles in them lengthened or shortened as necessary before replacing them into their sockets.
Prior to the operation, Dominique was having convulsive headaches and two eye diseases had made it impossible to see three-dimensional objects, accurate colors, outlines and depth. She also couldn't distinguish between letters of the alphabet.

15 years ago
December 1991
An open house took place at the Eudora Church of Christ to celebrate the completion of the new church building.
¢ Eudora postmaster Terry Crabbs attended the plaza lighting ceremony in Kansas City on Thanksgiving Day as a member of the Kansas City Symphony Chorus.
¢ Mark Grosdidier and Doug Neis were among more than 1,500 farmers and ranchers from across Kansas who attended Kansas Farm Bureau's 73rd annual meeting.
¢ Dr. William D. Keel, chair of the Germanic Language Department at Kansas University, was the guest speaker at the Eudora Area Historical Society meeting.
¢ Scott Hopson bagged an 18-point buck using a bow on land northwest of Eudora. The buck was scored for "Pope and Young," a record book for archery hunting. Hopson said the buck actually had 23 points, but the record book required all antler points be at least one inch long to be scored.
¢ Nine seniors returned for the Eudora High School girls basketball season. Returning starters were Gretchen Freeland, Tracy Ruggles, Jenny Alvarez and Maribeth Malburg.

27 years ago
December 1979
The 25-year seal was attached to the Eudora 4-H Club's charter during the club's 25th anniversary celebration in the Nottingham Elementary School gym. More than 150 persons were in attendance.
The club was organized in the spring of 1953 and chartered in November 1954.
The first meeting took place in February 1953 in the city hall.
Officers for the first year were Wilfred Hadl, president; Betty Burns, vice president; Mary Long, secretary-treasurer; and Judy Kindred, reporter.
¢ More than doubling their opponents' score the Eudora Cardinals girls basketball team opened its season by trouncing Tonganoxie 61-28.
Susie Rider was leading scorer with 24 points.

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