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Respect others’ property

December 7, 2006

To the person with big feet who left the slanderous, undeserving message in the snow on my car and my mother's car on Friday morning (Dec. 1, 2006), I have a message just for you.

Friday I had to drive my daughter to the emergency room at Lawrence Memorial Hospital because of complications from an acute medical condition which occurred in September. Yeah, I had to scrape away your message before I could take her there.

In January 2005, my daughter was working at a fast food restaurant when she ended up with a preventable on-the-job injury. She now has a permanent disability.

It's tough enough being an unemployed, single parent. Remember that when you buy all of your Christmas gifts this year.

Not that you care, but you obviously do not know me or the rest of my family. I don't need your insecurities on top of everything else.

Martha Schleuder

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