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EEMS started long ago

December 14, 2006

I would like to make an historical correction to a story in the Dec. 7 The Eudora News. The Eudora Emergency Medical Service was in fact started before Bill Vigneron moved to Eudora.

I listened to a hand-held scanner and went to emergencies in and around Eudora day or night. I couldn't communicate with the ambulance while en route. I just went. After a while they expected me to be there. My friend Mary Williams went through the medical class with me, and responded as she could since she worked in Lawrence at the time.

A lot of the people in and around Eudora should remember myself and Mary arriving to their emergencies, starting care long before the ambulance arrived.

We settled on the name, and asked for and received equipment, supplies and support from then Douglas County Ambulance Service. This was in the early 1980s.

This is a good organization, as well as a needed one. The feeling you get from helping someone who is hurt, scared or lost is so rewarding.

I loved the time I had in the Eudora Emergency Medical Service. I don't regret one minute of the time I spent with the EEMS even when not all the calls were good ones.

To hear "thank you" from someone whose heart was not beating when you arrived, but was by the time the ambulance arrived, well, all I can say is you're on a good high for a while. Or to have a small one remember you because you were the one who held and comforted them during an emergency or helped someone the child loved. You can make the difference in someone's life.

All that is asked of you is to take a look to see what EEMS is all about. The training is free. It just takes a little time. You might even find that the time you spend is worth it to help the community you live in, work in and love.

Please, do check it out. It is worth your time.

Sharron Harris


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