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Christmas greetings

December 21, 2006

I wish you all a happy and holy Christmas. Even though there is no snow this year, the most Special One will be with us anyway.

With Christmas we celebrate not only the birthday of Jesus, but we remember and celebrate who we are. That is that we are special, too, because God thought enough of us to give us the greatest gift He could and that was His only son, Jesus.

I was meditating recently just how special we are to God because He sent us Jesus who saves us from our sins, that is from damnation to hell. If it wasn't for the incarnation and redemption, we would be lost souls and bodies.

While we celebrate Christmas with hearts full of gratitude, we can celebrate our own birth into a relationship with God the Father, God's Son and God's spirit.

Let us also be thankful for our special invitation to become related to God through our baptism and let us be very grateful that we have said our "yes" to God's invitation to be His chosen sons and daughters.
Jesus is definitely the reason for this season. Let us give glory to God.
Fr. Tom Hesse
Holy Family Catholic Church

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