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Light Up Eudora contest winners

December 21, 2006

Contest winners in the Eudora Chamber of Commerce Light Up Eudora contest were Denny Hall family, 1123 E. 2300 Road, grand prize; Eric and Marge Epperson, 2265 N. 1137 Road, first place township; Ryan Haney, 1210 Eder Ct., first place city; and Hank Turnbaugh, 2275 N. 1137 Road, second place.

The honorable mention winners were Danny and Greg LeRow, 1427 Elm St.; Marilyn and Bob Lindeen, 2213 N. 1300 Road; David and Lisa Redlin, 1238 Sandusky Drive; Miles Cleveland, 112 E. Sixth St.; Mike Cook, 1307 Hickory St.; Gerald Grosdidier, 1286 E. 2200 Road; Leo and Emily Dahlem, 924 Birch St.; and Stephen Bruner, 1227 Main St.

Other entries were 1122 E. 2200 Road; 2352 N. 1200 Road; 303 W. 9th St.; 1320 Maple St.; 1127 Church St.; 1413 Arrowwood Dr.; 1011 Cedar St.; 75 Stevens Dr.; 1109 W. 13th Terr.; 1209 Peach St.; and 817 E. 13th St.

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