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The Fly Route

December 21, 2006

Allow me to take a break from constructing my Bill Walker shrine to share a few thoughts on sports:

Walker, for those of you who didn't see the halo emanating from the west, is the first superstar recruit of the Bob Huggins era and he joined Kansas State a year earlier than expected, playing his first game for the Cats Saturday.

It would have been hard to build up more hype among the Wildcat faithful, and somehow, it would have been hard for Walker to live up to that hype much more effectively than he did.

Walker is a game-changing type of player. He should be in his senior year of high school, but watching the way he handled himself against the weak but nevertheless NCAA Division 1 Kennesaw State, it's laughable to think about him playing against high school kids.

The guy is a beast, and his addition at this point would make any team in the nation noticeably better. It makes a formerly questionable K-State team dramatically better.

  • Scoring is up in the NBA, and apparently brain activity is down.

There was one game earlier this season that had 318 points scored.

Still, New York Knicks coach Isaiah Thomas explained away his team's role in the weekend's melee by saying the Denver Nuggets were running up the score.

The Knicks weren't even down by 20. While there was only 90 seconds left in the game, it seems pretty stupid to start crying about the score being run up for a couple reasons.

First, 19 points doesn't a blowout make, especially when this year scoring has been as prolific as ever.

Second, they're professionals -- how on earth can they cry about someone running up the score? It's not like Denver spends more money on recruiting than New York. It's not like the Nuggets are from a BCS conference and the Knicks are a struggling mid-major.

Thomas and his team might suck, but people associated with professional teams -- be they coaches or players -- aren't allowed to cry about the score being run up.

  • As I blindly stabbed away in picking my teams for the family bowl pool, I came up with a perfect solution for the KU football team.

A 6-6 season didn't prove good enough to land the Jayhawks in any of the disgustingly large number of bowls. So why not start one?

The (this space for rent) Bowl would feature KU, and always KU. The Jayhawks wouldn't be the first to utilize the idea. Really, is anyone else even allowed to play in the Hawaii Bowl?

New Mexico gets to play in the New Mexico Bowl, and while Boise State won't play in its hometown MPC Computers Bowl this year, the Broncos have done so plenty and are the only squad in the bowl's 10-game history with repeat appearances.

As for a sponsor for the (this space for rent) Bowl ... oh, I'd better not touch that one.

So, Lew Perkins, Mark Mangino, KU faithful, get on it!

It's the only way to ensure no gloriously mediocre Jayhawk team is ever insulted this way again.

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