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The Fly Route

February 2, 2006

Hey, I heard a rumor that Jerome Bettis grew up in Detroit. Does anyone know if this is true?

Yes, it's the Super Bowl, the most over-hyped, over-exposed disgusting media-fest of the entire year.

That said, I love it. I don't watch the hours of pre-game -- I was sick of the Bettis-to-Detroit storyline before the AFC Championship even ended -- but I love the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl marks one of the greatest holidays of the year. If only we could get the government to agree, we could all take Monday off, too.

Really though, it's hard to hate the Super Bowl. It's one of only a handful of sporting events that everyone can enjoy.

The women actually seem somewhat interested in watching the commercials. All football fans must at least respect the teams that made it, even if they don't root for them. And everyone loves pigging out on a Super Bowl feast.

When else can a person explain eating such an incredible collection of appetizers and finger food without a care in the world?

As if to make the game even more accessible to all manner of viewers, this year ABC is following it up with Grey's Anatomy.

If everything else wasn't enough to goad my typically anti-sports girlfriend into watching, the uber-popular Grey's Anatomy will.

Heck, she might be more excited than I am.

I'll find out, that's for sure. I typically either throw a party or ensure I'm invited to at least one, but this year the two of us are trekking to Breckenridge, Colo., with two other couples.

I'm the only one of the six that's ever strapped on skis before, and I have a feeling come Sunday afternoon the novices will be more than ready to roll off the slopes, into town and up to the bar.

Assuming all body parts are still intact, I have no doubt it'll be a good time, but I can't help but wonder what the town would have been like had my Denver Broncos risen to the challenge in the AFC Championship and advanced to the big game themselves.

As for my pick, I've got to go with Pittsburgh.

The Steelers earned it. They clawed their way through the last two seasons on the back of their monster run game. Ben Roethlisberger was deservedly criticized for managing games rather than winning them.

This season's playoffs were different, though. Pittsburgh doesn't win against Indianapolis. Roethlisberger doesn't give them a nice early lead via the pass.

The second-year quarterback was even better the next week, playing in Denver.

The Broncos looked like they were geared to stop the run, and they did so quite effectively. Roethlisberger torched Denver passing the ball on third down, however. Pittsburgh converted five of its six third-down attempts in the first half, but it seemed like they converted 99 of 100.

Honestly, I haven't watched Seattle much. I don't think many people outside Seattle have.

But after watching the way coach Bill Cower and his team adapt to every situation confronted in their tumultuous playoff run, I don't care what Seattle can do.

Pittsburgh 31, Seattle 24.

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