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Sesquicentennial celebration needs community outreach

February 9, 2006

Acting on the momentum started by the Eudora Lions Club, the Eudora City Council agreed last month to help commission a statue of the city's namesake, Eudora Fish, the daughter of the founder Shawnee Indian Chief Pascal Fish.

The general consensus was the statue should be placed in CPA Park, but no firm decision of where it could be best placed has been reached. Although more money needs to be raised to make the statue a reality, even with the council's agreement to help, it would seem its unveiling will be a highlight of the city's 2007 sesquicentennial.

The discussion of the statue indicates people are thinking and even planning for the 150th anniversary of the city's founding, but there has been little public discussion of what is being considered or outreach for community involvement. There would seem to be a number of groups in the community, from the Chamber of Commerce to the schools to organizers of the city's annual CPA Picnic and EudoraFest, with an in interest in helping with the observation.

A likeness personifying the city will be nice. But the sesquicentennial is an opportunity for citizens new and old to relate to the city and the sweep of its history, from its earliest days to the dramatic changes of the last decade.

As late as the second month of 2006, there doesn't appear to be a visible, coordinated effort to plan what should be a yearlong celebration. A reasonable step would be for Mayor Tom Pyle appoint a point person and committee to lead that effort and start reaching out to all organizations and interest groups with a stake in the celebration.

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