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Support teachers

February 9, 2006

As a senior of the class of 2006, I have experienced many changes in the staffing of Eudora High School. As a school we have had a wide variety of teachers and teaching styles in the last four years. This last year I thought we had come to a slowing period in the constant re-staffing that had been going on for a variety of reasons.

The students generally enjoy classes and respect the teachers they have for having made the fiscal choice of taking one of the nation's lowest paid positions.

As you may already know, the high school student body has already tried to organize several protests to show our support for our beloved teachers. Rehiring the same position over and over again is not only stressful to the our school board; it is also very stressful to us, the students. We are forced to learn new teaching styles and break in new teachers. In some cases, the curriculum may suffer.

It has recently been brought to our attention that we are in danger of another round of restaffing at the high school level.

Previously Eudora High School teachers have been paid above those in other area districts, and with the new budget increase from the state, the teachers expected a raise in pay at least equal to the other districts. However, with the proposed contract, the newer teachers of Eudora High are not getting what they feel is fair. Several teachers have commented anonymously that they may be leaving soon if the school board refuses them the 5- to 11- percent raise that other area districts are getting. These are not the teachers we like because they let you sleep through class and don't care if you turn in your homework; we love them because they teach.

So I am asking you all to be present at the Eudora 491 Board of Education meeting Feb. 9 at the "bus barn." Our teachers already have sacrificed so much in order to enlighten and educate. Please don't deny them this raise, or you may be denying us our educations.

Larissa Maranell

Eudora High School senior

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