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Education priceless

February 16, 2006

If you have children, you understand why they say parenting is the toughest yet most rewarding job in the world. If you multiply that by 20, you have the joys and pains of teaching.

I have been lucky enough to spend time in the classrooms and hallways here in the Eudora schools and must say that we have great teachers and support staff. These people are there daily, giving their all to make sure the children of Eudora get the best education available today.

Education is a profession that fails to receive great accolades for its accomplishments, yet without educators preparing the future leaders of our country, where would we be? Teachers aren't merely teaching reading, writing and arithmetic but are there for "our" children day after day -- a constant in their lives. The teachers and staff of Eudora have an awesome enthusiasm that challenges our children to reach for higher goals and gives them the knowledge to achieve them.

Parents treasure those milestones -- first word, first steps and first day of school. Teachers have that opportunity as well with the children -- the moment when addition clicks or they read their first sentence without help. Not only does the child's face light up with excitement, but so does the teacher's -- another goal reached. The possibilities are endless.

It's a well-known fact that you aren't going to become a millionaire if you decide to become a teacher, and truthfully, the job they do is priceless, but they do deserve the gratitude and respect of all.

Retaining these teachers and staff members with their valuable experience and history is key to Eudora's success in education.

I want to thank those people that made the choice to go into education and hope others will take the opportunity to thank them as well for their dedication and efforts to making Eudora kids great.

Shari Turnbaugh


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