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Year-end police report shows spike

January 26, 2006

For the Eudora Police Department, 2005 was one of the busiest years since the department started keeping annual figures.

According to the end-of-the-year report, the department's dispatched calls increased 32 percent from 2004.

"The reason it's getting bigger is plain old growth," Eudora Police Chief Greg Dahlem said. "I know there was a slight raise last year, but it wasn't like this."

Dahlem said the officers could tell from the monthly reports that they had an increased caseload last year.

"We could tell it was busier than previous years, " Dahlem said. "We didn't know it was going to be that much of an increase."

The year ended with a total of 553 criminal offenses and a total of 443 municipal offenses. Driving under the influence was the most frequent violation with 99 arrests and 94 warrants.

The busiest month for the police in 2005 was October, when the officers made a total of 466 reports. The quietest month was in February when police made only 274 reports.

Despite the increased numbers, Dahlem said there were no issues with officers' morale.

"I think police officers would rather be a little bit more busy," the chief said.

Having more to do makes the shift go by faster, Dahlem said.

Throughout the year, Dahlem kept the Eudora City Council up to date with monthly reports and through City Administrator Cheryl Beatty's report.

Despite the increase, Dahlem said he hadn't heard any feedback as of Tuesday and said residents should feel secure.

"Basically I don't want the citizens to be alarmed and think Eudora is not a safe city, because it is a safe city," ahlem said.

According to the report, the most frequent municipal offense was speeding with 290 tickets issued. That was followed by stop sign infractions (50 instances).

Dahlem lauded his employees for their response to the added workload.

"I think with the increase in the amount of calls we've had, I think the guys have done a fantastic job staying on top of things," he said.

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