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Pyle to appoint department heads Monday

July 6, 2006

If all goes as planned, Eudora's search for a full-time fire chief will be over Monday.

Gone too will be any mystery regarding the police chief, parks and recreation director, city clerk, city attorney, city superintendent and city treasurer.

Two spots on the city's planning commission and the Eudora board of appeals will also be set for a year.

Eudora Mayor Tom Pyle will tackle the list name by name as he appoints city officials for 2007 during the Eudora City Council meeting at 7:30 p.m. Monday at Eudora City Hall, 4 E. Seventh Street.

"Most of the people on there will remain on there, because they are people who have spent many years on the job," Pyle said. "There will be a couple people taken off."

Some appointments will be crystallized during an executive session Monday evening, where the council will offer their thoughts on Pyle's appointments or build consensus if the necessity arises.

As of Monday, Pyle said he was still looking through paperwork to finalize his list of proposed appointees.

Although Pyle didn't disclose any process he uses to make decisions, there are certain things he keeps in mind.

Maintaining continuity among the workforce will be a key factor.

Pyle said the continuity would be especially important for the board of appeals and planning commission because people have proven they could work together.

He will also look at information gleaned from department heads and citizen input.

Although the power to appoint a commissioner or department head lies solely with Pyle, the council votes whether or not to accept the mayor's appointment.

"I don't like hurting anyone's feelings, but I want to appoint the best person for the job," Pyle said.

The council has voted to not accept two of the mayor's appointments in the last year.

The first instance occurred a year ago during the last round of city appointments when Pyle wanted to replace Eudora Parks and Recreation Director Bobby Arnold and the council dissented.

The council next blocked Pyle's appointment of a full-time fire chief in November.

Pyle is optimistic his appointment will pass Monday ---- once he makes to a decision.

"No decision has been made on it and probably won't be until Monday night," Pyle said.

After making the appointment, the board will need an agreement from the prospective chief.

"(It will be final) as long as he is willing to agree to the terms of the agreement as to salary," Pyle said.

In addition to hiring a new fire chief and deputy chief Mike Underwood's return to basic service, the city will also appoint a new city attorney.

Longtime City Attorney Jerry Cooley resigned his position last week and was honored with a brief reception during the meeting.

Although Monday will mark Pyle's second round of appointments during his term as mayor, his aim when making the appointment remains constant. He doesn't make appointments for personal reasons, he said.

"When I make an appointment, it will be who I think is best for the city," Pyle said.

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