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Eudora’s future not mortgaged to growth

July 13, 2006

Eudora is growing at the impressive rate of 21-percent since the 2000 Census. That isn't news to anyone who has attempted to turn onto Church Street from Kansas Highway 10 during the morning or evening rush, paid enough attention to note the new mobile classrooms being set up at Nottingham Elementary School, or noticed the many new unknown faces at church, the grocery store or at the pool.

Still, it takes a drive into the many new winding suburban streets of east Eudora or Shadow Ridge to realize just how many houses have been built in the past five-plus years. Moreover, city officials confide the about 100 new homes a year of this decade could be just a prelude to more explosive growth when sewer interceptors are completed.

There are a number of things fueling Eudora's growth, chief among them Kansas Highway 10 and the city's location between Lawrence and Johnson County employment centers.

Also adding to the city's attractiveness are relatively cheap lot prices and less expensive development fees on new homes than those in cities to the east. The only dark cloud on the horizon that could curtail growth is constantly rising fuel costs that could have commuters looking for housing closer to their jobs.

Fortunately at this time, Eudora is not indentured to its future. There are no hugely expensive infrastructure projects dependent on growth for financing. In that Eudora may be more fortunate than many fast-growing bedroom communities in the area. At this point, the city is positioned to take advantage of new growth opportunities or comfortably consolidate recent growth should new realities change established development patterns.

The independence should be considered when city officials discuss how they will handle future growth requests and the needs they bring.

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