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EHS soccer camp challenges players

July 27, 2006

The Eudora High School soccer team welcomed a new season as the fundamentals camp began Monday. But if any of the players are expecting a leisurely nightly outing with friends, they have something else coming.

"We're going to open with a jog where they will be dribbling with the ball at their feet," new head coach Matt Higgins said. "Then we're going to do some butt kicks and high knees then move into some dribbling drills, touch drills and passing drills. There's going to be some 3-on-3 scrimmages and timed runs."

The busy schedule at the camp will achieve exactly what Higgins wants ---- to see where the players are skill-wise and see what program he's working with. He also said he sees the camp as a way to introduce the team members to he and assistant coach Paul Thevarajoo's coaching methods.

"I see it as a building block ---- we're going to climb the ladder," Higgins said. "This lets the kids see how I am and my demeanor as a coach. It lets them see how I like to get things done."

Thevarajoo said he and Higgins started working with some of the kids already through scheduled pick-up games throughout the summer. He has been impressed by what he has seen. He said the camp will instill some of the basic fundamentals in the kids.

Higgins said the camp will also help him and Thevarajoo decide what position the team members will play during the season.

"Although positions could change, when we put someone in a position, that's where we'd like to see them get good," Higgins said. "We're going to start individualizing them for positions."

After a lackluster 2005 season finishing with two wins, 12 losses and one tie, EHS senior Erryn Kindle said he was really hoping the camp was the beginning of the program turning around. He said the new coaches were pretty organized and he was pretty confident the camp would yield positive results.

Kindle said one thing he really wanted to work on during the camp was the ability to work well as a team. Higgins said he had some drills planned to start building just that.

But the soccer camp won't be exclusively team training. Higgins said he planned to analyze kids separately and would give them individual workouts.

"I'd like to find personal weaknesses and get the guys individual workouts to take home," Higgins said.

Kindle said that was fine with him, as there were a couple of things about his personal soccer skills that he'd like help with.

"I'd like to get a better left foot and get quicker," Kindle said. "I just want to get as fast as I can."

Kindle said he also hoped the heavy camp workload weeds out some of the people not too serious about playing soccer so the team can actually get things done.

"I want us to be able to do basic stuff and be able to go to practice without people quitting because it's too hard," Kindle said.

The camp began Monday and runs through Friday, culminating with a scrimmage game on the last day.

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