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Kobza excited about administrative shifts

June 1, 2006

With one school year officially ended, officials have already begun preparation for a new academic year starting in August.

Among the changes coming in the next months will be the addition of all-day kindergarten and modular classroom units at both Eudora Middle School and Nottingham Elementary School.

In addition to the physical changes and improvements headed to the district, next year will feature a revamped administrative structure, including the return of Rod Moyer as principal of Eudora Middle School.

Earlier in the year ---- as administrative duties were assigned within the district ---- the Eudora USD 491 Board of Education decided to place former EMS Principal Don Grosdidier as the assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction.

Grosdidier's new responsibilities focus directly on the district's curriculum. He will help direct staff and oversee the overall academic programs within the district, Superintendent Marty Kobza said.

"He's going to be well trained and qualified for the position," Kobza said. "I think he's going to bring a level of experience with him that will definitely help the district in that position."

With Grosdidier moving up, the middle school principal job opened for Moyer.

Before leaving to serve in Iraq for a year, Moyer was the principal of Eudora West Elementary. His position was eventually taken over by Jan Irby who will remain principal of Eudora West Elementary for the coming year.

Although Moyer was principal of EMS when he first arrived to the district several years ago, his current transfer is also seen as a promotion."Really in the grand scheme of things, for a school administrator it would be considered a promotion to go from an elementary school principal to a middle school principal," Kobza said.

With Grosdidier's acceptance of the newly created position, the district won't lose any of its current administrative employees.

The overall situation works to Moyer's advantage.

"We see this as bringing Moyer back to a better position then he left," Kobza said.

Because Moyer originally trained to go into secondary education (middle school or above) and his recent service, Kobza predicted Moyer would succeed in leading the middle school next year.

Moyer's military training could especially come in handy.

"Leadership, organization ---- all those things that are necessary to be successful in the military are a lot of the same things it takes to be successful as a principal," Kobza said. "So there are a lot of those things although they are somewhat different in implementation, they're necessary in that position."

Another benefit to Moyer's new position is that most of the students would have had him when he was the principal of Eudora West, Kobza said.

"All three grade levels would have had Mr. Moyer as a principal," Kobza said. "The reaction I've gotten from the students is that they're excited about that."

Kobza said he's confident the district's administrative team will be successful next year.

"We're excited about next year," Kobza said. "We're excited about the administrative team we've assembled.

"With Mr. Moyer returning to the middle school, I think it's going to be a real strength for all of us. I'm definitely excited about it."

Grosdidier said he's ready for his new opportunity.

"I'm really excited about my new position," Grosdidier said "I think it's a great opportunity to have a hand in shaping our curriculum and staff development for the next few years."

Grosdidier will remain as acting principal of the middle school until the end of the month.

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