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Citywide garage sale, bargain hunting on tap for weekend

June 8, 2006

Residents across the city will be woven together Saturday by cardboard boxes and knickknacks, their quest for the perfect deal and above all, their concerted effort to make Eudora's citywide garage sale a success.

At 7:30 a.m., bargain hunters will converge on St. Paul United Church of Christ at Eighth and Church streets to pick up maps and plan the best route for finding fortune among the garages and lawns.

The convergence of haggle-ready garage sale hopefuls isn't new to town.

The same daylong event has been happening more than a decade, sale organizer Bonnie Neis said.

As of Wednesday morning, Neis had estimated 41 homes signed up to participate.

The $12 registration benefits the Eudora Food Pantry housed at St. Paul United Church of Christ.

Hand-in-hand with helping the community by supporting the food pantry, the citywide garage sale provides ample opportunity for the homeowner to make some pocket money.

"Everything they sell, they keep. It's just whatever is left over from registration goes into the food pantry," Neis said. "We don't make a whole lot of profit off of it, but it's a traditional thing in Eudora now."

On the whole, Neis said she would be pleased if the event brought in $150 for the pantry.

Although Neis has been organizing the sale for seven or eight years, she said some aspects remain common.

"I kind of have it down to science," Neis said.

For instance, she knows when the wave of registrations typically hit during the week before the sale.

"I generally get truckloads of the forms on Tuesday and Wednesday," Neis said.

She also can predict that people all over the city will register.

They're mostly community members," Neis said. "We've even had some out in the country that signed up for it."

While keeping track of what has stayed the same, Neis said she has seen the event evolve.

"I did get feedback last year. I had three families ask me last year if we could move it off Father's Day weekend," Neis said. "We bumped it up one week this year."

The earlier date still falls during a time when garage sales are particularly popular.

"I know there are a lot of citizens that have their own garage sales that are independent of the advertising the citywide garage sale does," Neis said.

The groups participating, however, will have a uniform look.

"Those that do participate in the citywide garage sale will get a sign in the front yard to make them more noticeable," Neis said.

To make things easier on the customer, the map will have sales broken out by item.

"Everything from nickel toys to couches and refrigerators," Neis said. "You name it, it's out there."

Neis offered some advice to those taking part in the garage sale for the first time.

"I would say come by St. Paul's Church and come up with a map and the listings ---- any good garage saler would scan through those listings and look for what they were especially interested in and hit those first," Neis said.

Although there's no plan to reschedule in case of inclement weather, Neis said that eventuality might not be the end of the world.

"That's when it becomes a true garage sale because you move everything inside the garage," Neis said.

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