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Statue benefit ride nears

June 22, 2006

There will be an old-school ride Sunday for an old-school kind of girl.

It will be the second monthly fund-raising event to pay for a statue of Eudora Fish ---- daughter of the town's founder and city namesake. This time it's catered to the rough and tumble bikers with hearts of gold.

The same rumbling riders took over Main Street last September for the 'Bikers For Babies' ride. This time, the riders will experience a blast from the past.

Starting 7:30 a.m. Sunday on Main Street, the hog-wild motorists will gather to take part in a 50/50 dice and fun run that will stretch from Eudora to Baldwin City, Edgerton, De Soto, Lawrence and finally back to town.

DC Custom Crafted Cycles owner and ride sponsor Matt Montgomery said at each stop the riders will disembark to visit a tavern and roll a few dice.

"There's several ways you can do it," he said.

To find a winner who could make back their entrance fee by winning, the organizers could total the highest score for dice thrown or lowest score or other options, Montgomery said.

Half of the entrance fee ---- $15 for single riders and $20 for couples ---- goes to the statue and half returns back to the bikers.

This type of ride was popular for bikers during the 50s and 60s and would be a alternative to the popular modern riding game of a poker tour.

"So much of the time a motorcycle event is based on the weather," Lions Club member Tom Tucker said.

Tucker ---- who rides a Harley himself ---- is in charge of organizing the fund-raising events for the statue project.

Last month he was responsible for bringing Annie's Country Time Jubilee to play a concert to raise money for the statue. Next month the Club will organize a trivia session for the CPA picnic.

Now, both Tucker and Montgomery are working to raise awareness of the ride among local bikers.

"We just thought we'd do something a little different and go back in time a ways," Montgomery said.

So far recruitment of riders for the ride has gone well, Montgomery said.

"There's been a lot of interest," he said.

The ride falls right in the middle of the summer riding season.

"It lasts from April to September usually," Montgomery said.

Tucker said he expected anywhere from 75 to 100 bikers to participate.

If the ride hits the 100-rider mark, then it will equal the $1,500 raised from the concert.

As plans for the motorcycle run have progressed, so has the work on the statue itself.

After the city commissioned Lawrence artist Jim Brothers several months ago to create the statue, the artist has further refined his concept of the piece.

Originally slated to be a sculpture of Eudora, Brothers expanded it to include Chief Paschal Fish and Eudora when she was 9, the moment the town was named after her.

Tucker said the artist has gotten to the point where he's working on clay models.

"I think he's really cooking now," Tucker said.

For more information about the bike run, call Tucker at 542-3927.

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