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City sewer studies continue

June 29, 2006

Eudora might not be ready to run with it yet, but after BG Consultants finishes a sewer study for later construction stages of the middle interceptor project, city officials will at least know where to go.

Brian Kingsley of BG Consultants presented a contract to the Eudora City Council June 12 to design what needs to be done during the next phases of construction to the middle interceptor.

"Typically the process can take 24 months from start to finish," Kingsley said.

The second phase of construction will ultimately run from the wastewater treatment plant down to Shadow Ridge.

The improvements will help improve flow and also allow for new construction south of Kansas Highway 10.

Kingsley said five or six developers have shown interest in the area.

The scope of the contract will have the consultants look at attaining easements in the area of the improvement, provide geological information, as well as keeping the city up to date on the cost of the project and help with both the bidding and preconstruction process.

The group will also submit detailed plans to the city during public meetings.

"We're going to get this project to a rough state, so that it is ready to run whenever you're ready to run," Kingsley said.

The middle interceptor project represents the third in a series of the biginfrastructural projects the city is taking on, Kingsley said.

First, the city needs to fix capacity issues caused by inflow and infiltration in the wastewater treatment plant.

Next, the city will focus on improving the force main.

Third, the city will begin taking on the middle interceptor project.

"The middle interceptor is going to take the longest to develop as a project because we have to acquire all these easements," Kingsley said.

Although the contract with BG Consultants cost the city $165,000, the final price of the improvements to the system would be more than $2 million, Kingsley said.

The council approved the contract June 12 and already BG has sent surveyors out to begin collecting data.

"Right now, we're going to survey so we can locate the trees and draw a picture so we can take that picture and draw a line on it to align the sewers," Kingsley said. "Then we identify the easements and we take that information to visit the property owner."

With BG's middle interceptor design project in full swing, the company has another ongoing sewer research project with the city.

BG representative Pat Cox also visited the council to update them on a plan to improve the city's wastewater treatment plant.

In order to improve the plant's capacity, Cox suggested the city use an excess lagoon for drainage.

Cox also told the council the treatment plant's design made expansion possible in the form of a mirror copy located on the southeast corner of the current property.

He presented preliminary information at the June 12 meeting but said he'd return for a full recommendation.

"I guess my recommendation tonight is to have you wait a little bit longer if you can," Cox said.

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