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Beatty addresses entrepreneurs on state of city

March 2, 2006

Often at the annual Chamber of Commerce dinner, Eudora's mayor addresses the collected business people on the state of the city.

The speech takes them on a tour of the city from utilities to parks and recreation to the predicted improvements and challenges for the next year.

This year, at Saturday's dinner, the Chamber experienced the report, but with a twist.

The attendees didn't hear the speech from Eudora Mayor Tom Pyle ---- although he spoke ---- but from city administrator Cheryl Beatty.

Beatty's speech served a dual purpose of introducing businesses to her, and gave her a chance to meet the business community, she said.

After past Chamber president Angie Miller introduced her, Beatty told the crowd why she chose Eudora.

Beatty said she chose municipal service over retail management because she wanted to serve the people. Beatty served with two cities before coming to Eudora, but left because both weren't growing. Her previous job in Kingman was stagnant, Beatty said.

"Standing still is death to a city," Beatty said.

Beatty chose Eudora because of its potential for growth.

Signs of such growth manifested this year, with approval by the Kansas Turnpike Authority for a Kansas Turnpike interchange in Leavenworth County that could funnel traffic through Eudora's Main Street, Beatty said.

"Transportation links to the city are essential for the growth of the city," Beatty said.

Beatty included other examples of impending growth including the announcement by Lawrence Memorial Hospital, a member of the Chamber, of plans to expand into Eudora.

Beatty told the Chamber of the city's work to further the ultimate sewer plan and how work is under way to expand Eudora City Hall.

She also invited them to an open house when the construction is finished.

In addition, Beatty briefed the crowd on less popular issues with the city ---- including the much debated fire chief position.

"We're in internal discussion, which will hopefully lead to getting a fire chief soon," Beatty said.

At the end of her speech, Beatty read a top-10 list of things to do to help motivate the entrepreneurs to help make the most of Eudora's impending growth.

Topping the list Beatty read of things to do to promote business in Eudora: have fun.

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