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Eudora set standard for relays

March 2, 2006

The curtain closed last month on the Eudora Relay for Life's remarkable eight-year run. It was announced that there would be no local relay this year and teams were encouraged to participate in the June 16 Baldwin Relay for Life as they did before the event at Laws Field was started.

Anyone who attended the local relay at its zenith in the early days of this decade had to be impressed with the amount of energy and love that went into the event.

Exceedingly well organized with team sites circling the track, the relay raised $50,000 for cancer research and patient support in 2001 and 2002 and $65,000 in 2003. Participants can tell you it was about much more than those end results. It truly was a feel-good communal happening focusing on a worthy goal that produced a euphoria that chased away early morning exhaustion.

It is hardly surprising that expenditure of commitment couldn't be sustained and that those who poured so much into the event had to move on to other important things in their lives.

Nor is it surprising it was difficult to find new leadership willing to measure themselves by those wildly successful leaders or those up to the daunting task of organizing the event the last two years at which still significant sums were raised.

In time, the relay could return without the pressure of the past.

Eudora might not have a relay of its own this year, but those who believe in the event's mission can travel to Baldwin City and impress another community with their enthusiasm and energy.

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