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How They Voted

March 9, 2006

The Kansas Senate last week approved Senate Bill 577, which sets out base pay increases for most state employees in fiscal 2007.
The bill provides a base pay rate increase of 2.5 percent for classified employees who are at a pay rate above the pay grade for the employee's class; and a 2.5 percent merit increase for unclassified employees in the executive, judicial, and legislative branches, excluding legislators but including legislative staff. It also provides a one-time salary bonus of $260 at the beginning of the fiscal year for every full-time employee in the classified service, with part-time classified employees receiving a proportional amount and step movement for each classified employee on steps 4 through 15 of the current pay matrix whose latest performance review rating is at least satisfactory, to be effective on the employee's anniversary date.
The measure was approved 36-4 and now goes to the House for consideration.
Sen. Roger Pine, the Law-rence Republican who represents Eudora, voted for the bill.

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