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The Fly Route

May 25, 2006

I'm pretty harsh with the Kansas City Chiefs, as many of you have noticed and not heisted to point out.

I almost always take a different tune with the Kansas City Royals, however.

I'm not sure what it is -- outside the obvious fact that I'm an admitted Denver Broncos fan -- but I just can't bring myself to turn as critical an eye toward the Royals as I can the Chiefs.

Doing so would seem to be incredibly easy.

There's really no defense for the way anything has been handled since the season began.

People have been piling on the usual suspects -- Allard Baird and Dan and David Glass -- like never before. Typically, I've defended the trio, but even that's hard now.

I have always had a hard time imagining how David Glass fit into the equation and how he could really be responsible for the disgusting mess the Royals are currently in.

He's just the owner, and an absentee owner at that. It would seem ideal to me if he did little more than sign some checks and nod "yes" when someone asked about a trade.

But he couldn't be content having nothing to do with the team. He had to come out and proclaim that there were changes on the way, when in fact there were no changes coming at all.

Living in the area for the first time, I was really looking forward to enjoying as many Royals games as possible this summer. I was never much of a fan until the 2002 season when fantasy baseball acted as the hook. The bizarrely non-disastrous 2003 campaign then sealed the deal.

I knew the Royals would be bad, but I was still prepared to watch as much as possible. I even considered buying season tickets up until the first long losing streak -- yes, that noise you hear is the Glass family cackling and my naivety from their Wal-Mart castle.

I've already gone to two games, neither of which have been terrible. I attended the great win that almost was when Kansas City opened the game with a grand slam, then saw it rained out and rescheduled. I also made it to one of the Cardinals games last weekend.

And while I plan to keep going some, I know I won't go as much as I thought I would, even when I realized the team was going to be bad.

The Royals are that bad. They're bad enough to turn fans who don't expect much away. They're a level or two beyond bad, and there's no signs that they're getting better.

The stats have been beaten to death by Royals fans: the youth movement is full of guys over 30; the Royals have no power, no speed and no pitching; the minor leagues don't even look all that good; the players good enough to play can't stay healthy.

The Royals make Death Valley look like Party Cove. They make western Kansas look like Vail.

They're beyond bad and as much as I'd like to wish them well again, I'm afraid I'm just wasting my time.

I'll still go to a few games. I'll still watch on television and I'll still listen on the radio, but I can no longer back anything that is going on with the Royals.

For now and for as far as I can see, they are hopeless.

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