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City needs to pay attention

November 9, 2006

First, I would like to thank and praise the fire personnel that fought the fire in Eudora Sunday night.

I live next door to the trailer that burned on Maple Street. The yard has been a junkyard for three years. I have been to the city council and I had a television station in here thinking that would get the city to do something about this mess. It has only gotten worse.

I worried about the fire personnel trying to get in to put out the fire. These people have jobs and families depending on them. What if one had gotten hurt or killed? They should not have to endanger their lives for a mess like what they were faced with.

We made it this time without anyone getting injured or killed. Isn't it time to do something for the older part of the city? What about it Eudora?

May Yurchak


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