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Rebels on the march

November 16, 2006

According to Anthony Brown, there must be an underground rebellion -- or better yet an insurgency -- of sorts going on in Eudora.

Brown was quoted in The Eudora News after the election as saying, "I had people working against me this time in Eudora -- people who should have a great deal in common with me."

Well, that's why we have elections every two years for his seat, and Brown came out ahead this time. But, there will always be a next time. Elections seem to be a common practice in this state.

Maybe Congressman Jim Ryun felt his constituency should go the extra mile and re-elect him. They didn't. Such contempt and uncommon behavior on their part. Maybe Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline felt that it was a treasonous act for a fellow Republican to turn Democrat in order to beat him. Kline lost to a mutinous traitor. Now that the insurgency is Kansas is well entrenched, maybe Sen. Sam Brownback should be the next in line to feel the uncommon wrath of dissent.

Keep the faith you rebels without a cause.

Carlie Abel


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