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Cardinals don’t plan anything fancy in ‘06-‘07

November 30, 2006

It's just business as usual for the Eudora High School men's basketball team.

The strategy: nothing flashy or experimental. Coach Kyle Deterding said he's just going with what works.

"It's a lot of the same as last year," Deterding said. "It depends on the personnel. It depends if you are high-flying or defensive and then you just adapt to what type of personnel you have."

And after a more-or-less successful 2005-2006 season, Deterding said there was no reason to change things up. He said he expected this season to be another step beyond the progress made last year.

"I see it as a continuation in the fact that the kids know what we're expecting, but we have a lot of young kids that are going to have to step up," Deterding said.

However, picking up right where the team left off might be difficult considering the fact the varsity team lost five starters. What hurts more, Deterding said, was the five starters were all power players.

Deterding said filling the holes left open by Rodney Spillman and Mark Abel, who both received all-state honorable mention nods, would not be easy, but it was something the team had to do.

"We're just getting after it in practice," Deterding said. "We had three or four guys that had some decent minutes last year that will step up, and we have some younger guys trying to figure out where they are at still. We're trying to figure out who they're going to be and where they're going to play."

Deterding said he planned on leaning on returning varsity players Matthew Abel, Todd Roberts, Mike Ortega and Tim DeArmond early in the season so the team can find its footing.

He said he had concerns about how the younger and new athletes on the team would perform without the five 2006 graduates, but that the team had been working diligently during it practices, which began Nov. 13.

Right now, Deterding said the team was more defensively minded, but the offensive side was somewhat lacking.

"Defensively, we might be pretty good -- they know how to guard," Deterding said. "It's the scoring that concerns me. We still are not sure who will do the scoring for us. As the game goes on, we'll figure out who will do that for us."

Deterding said he did not have specific goals mapped out, save the obvious -- winning. He said he just wanted to focus on making sure the guys played better every game. And by the end of February, Deterding said he hoped his team would be able to hold its own against any team in the area.

And considering what he's seen so far in practice, Deterding said realizing those goals is a real possibility.

"The beginning of the year is great," Deterding said. "I love the early practices. It's fun seeing what they can do. They listen and they have a good intensity. There is a lot of excitement for everybody."

The Eudora boys basketball team kicks off its season Monday at the Paola Invitational. The Cardinals will face Piper in a first-round game set to tip off at 7 p.m., then will play either Paola or Kansas City-Turner at either 5:30 or 8:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The tournament's eight-team field also includes rival Baldwin, which tips off against Kansas City-Harmon, and Bishop Ward, who opens against Belton, Mo.

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