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November 30, 2006

Parking lot

The new traffic procedures at Nottingham have gone well for the most part, principal Jim Lauer said.

"Remember, if and when there could be snow and ice throughout the parking area, please be extra careful," he said. "The safety of our young people is the utmost priority."

Anyone dropping students off at Nottingham is asked to keep the unloading line moving as much as possible and not stop to unload students in the left lane, which is the drive through lane. Unloading should take place near the building along the marked lines.

Where those lines separate, the unloading/loading zone is between the sets of lines. The area to the right of the lines is an open area for safety. There should be no traffic unloading or pulling through the inside of that zone. Students should also not be unloading in the area by the cones to the south of the building.

Students arriving before 8 a.m. should enter the front doors or the breakfast doors. Those planning to eat breakfast are asked to unload near the front of the building and use the sidewalk to go around the building.

Classes of the month

Jamee Mason's second-grade class at Nottingham Elementary School won the ice cream cake from Dairy Queen for having no detentions for the month of October.

Jennifer Sweany's kindergarten class won the DQ cake for the months of November and December.

Emily Sorensen's first-grade class won a pizza party from Simple Simon's for the month of October. They were awarded the prize for having what was observed as the best overall behavior throughout the school during the month.

Courtney Heigele's second-grade class won the pizza party for the months of November and December.



As a building, Nottingham Elementary had 98 percent participation in parent-teacher conferences Nov. 1 and 2.

The Preschool Enhancement Program had 100 percent participation. Kindergarten had 98 percent. First grade had 99 and second grade had 97 percent.

Manners assemblies

Two assemblies have been planned for students and staff at NES.

The "Bird Adventure" was presented Wednesday and a "Cartoon Assembly" will take place Dec. 6.

The assemblies are earned for good behavior throughout the school and are sponsored by a Douglas County grant for Drug Free Schools.

Start of school

During the winter months, students will be asked to wait in the gym and sit quietly reading a book or working on math flashcards.

The doors open for students to enter the gym at 7:40 a.m., which is also the time the breakfast doors open. When the 8 a.m. bell rings, staff members will release the students to their rooms as a group.

At some point in the spring, the students will again wait outside; weather permitting, as they have been doing since August.

Outside recess

Students will have outside recess on most days. Parents are reminded to have their children properly attired with coats, hats and gloves.

Principal Jim Lauer said inside recesses do occur, but if at all possible the students go outside.

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