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Contract addendum to push ahead TIF process

October 5, 2006

By accepting a contract amendment with the consulting firm Bucher Willis and Ratliff, the Eudora City Council Sept. 25 made it possible to push ahead with the development of a Tax Incremental Financing district.

The contract also will help the city start work on a revamped set of subdivision codes by the end of the year, Eudora City Administrator Cheryl Beatty said.

In an addendum to the current to the city's contract Bucher Willis and Ratliff to provide city planning services, the city will pay the firm an additional $18,000 for the draft of an Annexation Plan of Intent for the area north of 10th Street and east of 2300 Road.

According to the contract addendum, "The plan shall include evaluations related to TIF and related to financing mechanisms as they relate to the plan of intent."

Once annexed, the city could officially start the TIF formation process.

"The main emphasis is in two projects," Beatty said. "This is for the TIF report and to actually create the district and the annexation plan for the whole east side of Eudora. They will be doing all the planning for the east side of town to create the TIF district and have the annexation plan done."

Beatty informally outlined that area as a possible location for the district when she first presented the possibility of a TIF district to the Eudora Planning Commission.

The purpose of the TIF district is to help draw commercial investors by bonding out infrastructure improvements that would already be too expensive.

A committee will review TIF requests to make either a positive or negative recommendation to the council.

The city has already had some interest in a TIF district from Wilson and Hoover LLC, the firm preparing to build the Deer Valley subdivision.

The total cost of new services to the city will be $23,500.

"The total he's presenting is between now and year's end," Beatty said.

Because the TIF report and eventual annexation plan will equally affect all the city's utilities, Beatty split the cost of the project among the wastewater, water, street, electric and general funds.

The city will take $5,875 from wastewater, water and electric and split $2,937.50 from the general and street budgets.

"That would pay for the services for the remaining parts of the year," Beatty said.

The contract will also start the process in which the city will review current subdivision codes.

Earlier in the year, the city passed a revamped set of zoning codes, with the help of Bucher Willis and Ratliff.

Although the commission will start work on the new subdivision codes, she is unsure how much progress they will make by year's end, Beatty said.

"I think we'll get it started, but I don't think we'll get it finished," she said.

During discussion, Councilman Dan Gregg questioned a meal allowance clause in the contract. It struck him as odd, he said.

Beatty responded by saying the clause is standard for city contracts.

The council passed the contract addendum unanimously.

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