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Eudora statue project ‘cooking right along’

October 12, 2006

Eudora Lions Club member Tom Tucker uses a phrase to sum up both the Eudora statue project's structural and financial progress.

"It's cooking right along," Tucker said.

As of Oct. 3, the Lions Club with the help from the city of Eudora raised more than $56,000 for the statue, Tucker said.

"I'm really hoping by the end of the year we're going to be in pretty good shape," Tucker said.

The majority of the club's fund-raising effort came through an ongoing commemorative brick sale.

By Sept. 28, the Lions Club collected money for 120 bricks, Tucker said

"Our goal is to sell 250 bricks ---- that's what we would really like to achieve," Tucker said.

"We've had one person in Eudora, a couple actually, who bought 15 bricks: a brick for each of themselves a brick for each of their children and a brick for each of their grandchildren. I thought it was an extremely nice contribution,"

The bricks sell for $50 a piece and feature the engraved name of citizens, family members or businesses. Eventually all the memorial bricks will be put in place around the statue in CPA Park.

The price of the bricks will jump at the beginning of the year because of the rising cost of materials.

The statue will be of Eudora Fish, for whom the city is named, portrayed at about age 9 embracing the waist of her father Chief Paschal Fish.

The club supplemented the brick sales with special events earlier in the year, like a country music show and a biker run.

"The next big event would be on Friday night, Oct. 27. We'll be having a chicken and noodle dinner at the Nottingham school," Tucker said.

The food will be provided by the Eudora United Methodist Church. Tickets for the meal $5 in advance, $6 during the night of the event or for $7 if delivered within Eudora city limits, Tucker said.

The Eudora Historical Society got involved with the newest fund-raising effort by selling Eudora Fish T-shirt.

"They really nice job indicating what the statue will look like," Tucker said. "The colors are great. It just a comfortable color that goes with blue jeans or black or whatever people chose to wear. I think they're going to sell very well."

In addition to the T-shirt, the Eudora Lions sold chances to when prizes in a drawing during last weekend's EudoraFest.

While the club and city continue to raise money to pay for the statue, Lawrence artist Jim Brothers continues to bring it to life.

Earlier in the year, he presented a mockup of the statue to the Eudora City Council.

Since then he sent the statue to a mold maker in Kansas City from whom he will get a larger mold.

From that larger mold, he'll make a wax statue, Tucker said.

The wax statue will go next to Oklahoma City, where it will be enlarged to fit a seven-and-a-half feet tall.

"That should be back to Jim Brothers by the end of October or mid-November," Tucker said.

Brothers would then make final touchups on the foam statue before making a mode for the final casting.

"We're really at the point where we're going to start seeing pretty rapid progress," Tucker said.

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