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More power women

October 26, 2006

I read Marilyn Laws-Porter's listing of Eudoran power women with great joy. I concur with the choices she made since I'm blessed to personally know Rose, Melissa and Lori. They have each accomplished much more than can be written in an article.

Although I have never met Mary, I know her powerhouse daughter-in-law, Theresa. I do respect her incredibly. Nor have I met Cheryl, but recognize her as one of our city's most competent leaders.

I would like to add four women to Marilyn's list that I feel are deserving. The first is Susie Brown, wife of 38th District Representative, Anthony Brown. Susie is not only the involved mother of six, but also Anthony's tireless first lady.

Secondly, there is Judi O'Grady, who lost her teen daughter, Brooke, to cancer in 2001. Judi was at Brooke's side from day one of her diagnoses to her final breath at Children's Mercy. She continues the fight to end childhood cancer through her own Brooke O'Grady Foundation. She travels to our nation's capital several times a year to lobby for more money for childhood cancer research. Most of the time this means exhausting her own finances.

My third inclusion is Judi's daughter, Robyne Pippert, who in addition to being an awesome wife and mother, working full-time and going to school, managed to be at Judi and Brooke's side constantly, including at the very end for her baby sister. She continues to help run the Foundation.

And my final entry, Marilyn Laws Porter, who always seems to omit herself when listing inspiring people. She has won many awards for service to her community. Most notably the Relay For Life and Habitat For Humanity. She and her children suffered through losing her first husband, Don Laws, to cancer and was also at Brooke's bedside at her death.

Finally, some honorable mentions; Bernadette Fulks, Andrea Pyle, Roberta Lehmann, Julia Chumbley and Alberta Pyle. There are so many wonderful ladies in this town, I wish I had room to list them all. Here's to you all.

Daren Pippert


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