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Cardinals hope for a repeat of ‘05 against Vikings

September 7, 2006

After a first game shutout against the Osawatomie Trojans, the Eudora football team revisits a team it almost shutout last year, the Central Heights Vikings.

The game concluded last year 61-6, with the Cards making only one mistake the whole game, letting Viking quarterback Gus Wertz connect with receiver Tony Wilson for a 36-yard catch that resulted in the Vikings throwing up six points on the scoreboard. That was it, and the game was more-or-less over.

But coach Gregg Webb said the Cards were not letting the easy win against the Trojans last week and the near shutout last year against the Vikings make them think the game on Friday would be a walk in the park.

"Right now our staff is more concerned about making the kids do things right," Webb said. "If we decide to run a certain play, we have to execute it regardless of what it is and who we are against."

Webb said although the win last week may have looked pretty, there were some flagrant flaws with the Cards. He said the game against the Vikings was riddled with easily avoidable mistakes, like 12 guys going out in the huddle and a series of fumbles that were not recovered.

Webb also said several of the linebackers misread situations last week that if the Trojans had capitalized on them, the game's result could have been vastly different.

"Our linebackers need to read the right things," Webb said. "They need to be more aggressive and understand they can play hard and just react."

On the Cardinal offense, Webb said there was a lot of meandering players who did not make it into their positions efficiently.

"Our offense needs to be a lot crisper," Webb said. "I don't think we were very sharp at all."

As for Central Heights, who lost last week to Anderson County 28-0, Webb said they have a pretty decent quarterback that could spell trouble for the Cards. He said the defense needed to be on him and not allow him to make any long-range throws.

Also, Webb said the Vikings line up their defense in many different ways, which could be problematic for the Cards.

"They line up in different formations," Webb said. "We're going to have to be sharper in how we react to that. They will bring people that will blitz us, so we'll have to reconfigure to the different alignments."

Regardless of his concerns, Webb said the Cardinals would bring a tough game to the Vikings at 7 p.m. Friday night at home. He said the win against Osawatomie set a good precedent and he was ready to land another win this week.

"We got started on the right note, and we'll take Friday night like it's the championship game," Webb said. "We'll prepare and get ready to play them. Our kids love football and are excited just to play."

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