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Common sense prevails with Laws Field signs

September 7, 2006

The cooler weather gave us a hint, but it was the signs hanging from the Laws Field fence facing Church Street that loudly announced fall was here despite what the calendar might say.

That the signs are up facing Church Street for Eudora Cardinal home football games is a nod to common sense. Last fall, the city decreed the signs must face inward to be in compliance with the city's sign ordinance.

That was corrected last month when the Eudora City Council agreed to grant an exemption to the Cardinal 12th Man Club, an exemption that was also included in the city's proposed sign ordinance. That sign ordinance was to be approved in June before the council agreed to accept local sign manufacturer Brian Fuller's offer of help.

Although we understand local governments must always guard against exceptions, the Laws Field signs have nothing to do with the city's effort to create a suitable sign ordinance.

Yes, the Laws Field banners carry commercial messages, but we -- and we suspect their owners -- always viewed them as signs of support for the team, school and district.

They added to the festive atmosphere and tradition of the Cardinals home games while providing the Cardinal 12th Man Club some extra revenue to support the fall sports teams. And, obviously, they are small and temporary. The signs weren't there every day blocking the scenery or fading to eyesores.

In this case, common sense won. The exception allows the signs to face the street and Eudora's late summer splendor suffered no ill effects.

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