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Eudora revs up for Bikers for Babies run

September 7, 2006

They're back.

Loud leather-clad throngs of motorcyclists will again fill the streets Sunday like herds of rumbling buffalo.

The bikers are in town for the 12th annual March of Dimes Bikers for Babies charity ride.

"They do a lot of good for premature babies, and it's a good a cause," Matt Montgomery of DC Custom Crafted Cycles said. "Any kind of cause that has to do with children is good."

Although Eudora won't be a full stop in the ride this year, local businesses are preparing for the influx of people and the money the bikers will bring.

"Of course, the gas stations will be swamped with people stopping to fill up their bikes," Montgomery said.

He said the more bikers who stop could boost sales for the downtown businesses as well.

A rainstorm last year thinned the ranks of bikers coming through town.

Montgomery is optimistic if the weather holds.

"If the weather stays good, of course there's going to be a lot more bikes," Montgomery said. "In an average year when the weather is good, I'd estimate roughly six thousand bikes."

Montgomery was instrumental in bringing the ride to Eudora last year and has worked with the Eudora City Council in making sure everything will be a smooth ride this year.

To make the ride safer, the city will close Main Street from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday for bike use only.

"It'll just be a lot less hectic," Montgomery said.

As the bikes pass through, Main Street will take on a festive atmosphere. Vendors will be open to cater to both the riders and spectators. Community groups like the battered women's shelter will also have tents to sell bottled water or refreshments.

Montgomery and his wife, Tina Lencioni, plan to turn the ride into a two-day event.

"We've got live music, and we have at least three bands," Lencioni said.

Among the bands playing are Dora Dank and Spindown, Lencioni said.

In addition to the live music, the shop ---- which specializes in custom motorcycle parts and accessories ---- will have a drawing for a motorcycle-themed quilt.

"One hundred percent of the raffle will go to March of Dimes," Lencioni said.

Proceeds from the ride help pay for medical bills and save babies with serious health problems.

"We're really trying to boost the raffle sales this year, so we can raise as much money as we can because it's a good cause," Lencioni said.

Also during the weekend, Montgomery will unveil his shop's first custom cycle ---- the 2006 DC Custom Crafted Cycles Gargoyle model.

"We will have it roped off for people to view," Lencioni said.

In addition to the food and drawings, there will be an endless stream of bikers.

"The biggest wave will probably be between 8 to 8:30 a.m.," Lencioni said.

During that time, drivers should be on the lookout as the bikers pass Main Street, Lencioni said.

"Just kind of stay off the street," Lencioni said.

Although spectators are welcome, Montgomery requested people leave their pets at home.

"If they would get loose with a bunch of bikes coming through, they could cause an accident," Montgomery said.

Likewise, parents should keep a close eye on small children as the bikes are coming through, Montgomery said.

"We definitely want people to come down to watch," Montgomery said. "They can sit up at the park or down Main Street."

Montgomery said people should just respect the riders.

"It's not something they're going to see all the time," Montgomery said.

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