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Council supports trash collection changes

April 5, 2007

If the Eudora City Council approves an amended contract with Weldon Enterprises Inc. trash day in Eudora might never be the same.

If approved, the five-year contract would raise the current trash collection fee by $2.50 to a total of $12.10 per month.

The hike would go toward equipping each home in Eudora with a 95-gallon trash container and recycling bin. The fee would also help bankroll recycling and yard waste drop-off points within the city.

The council heard an initial presentation by Kevin Weldon at its March 26 meeting.

By using the 95-gallon containers, the city would be able to eliminate driving hazards caused by trash cans rolling in the street during windy days, Weldon said.

The carts will be roughly three times the size of normal trash containers, which range from 33 to 45 gallons. The company would also offer an additional 95-gallon container for $3 more per month, Weldon said.

In addition to being sturdier and larger, the new containers would also benefit the city's appearance, Weldon said.

"Everyone would look the same as you go down the street," Weldon said.

If the council approves the amended contract, workers from Weldon would eventually only take trash from the 95-gallon containers.

"I think it would be a lot better than having trash just put out there," Eudora Mayor Tom Pyle said.

In addition to providing a new trash container, a recycling bin would be provided for cardboard, plastic and aluminum products. The city would maintain a drop-off point for the recycled materials.

"There would be revenue generated from people bringing down the recyclables like aluminum," Weldon said.

The funds could go toward providing programs for local youth groups like the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, Weldon said.

Weldon Enterprises would provide the equipment and the city would be in charge of monitoring the program.

The third branch of the contract amendment is the establishment of a community compost pile, also to be overseen by the city.

Weldon would provide curbside pickup for the yard waste each week from March 1 to Nov. 31 and bring it to a site to be determined by the city.

"There will be an eventuality where you won't be able to put yard waste in your trash can anyway," Eudora City Administrator Cheryl Beatty said.

To create the community compost pile, the city would have to run an additional waterline, Beatty said.

The city included a 25-cent increase in the new rate to pay for the waterline improvements and any expenses incurred in purchasing new land for the drop-off sites.

The trash rate would drop 25 cents when all the improvements are paid for, Beatty said.

The council directed Beatty and City Attorney Mike Book to draft an ordinance to make the contract amendment.

It will probably be about a month before the amended contract goes back before the council, Beatty said.

In the intervening time, the company will secure a loan to pay for the new equipment and the city will work out the details concerning the location and infrastructure needed for the drop-off sites, Beatty said.

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