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Statehouse briefing: Teen driving age won’t be raised this year

April 6, 2007

Here are today's headlines from Kansas government:

(KC Star) Change in driving age sidelined: Young teenagers can breathe easier: The Kansas Legislature won't act on a bill raising the driving age this year.

(LJW) >From 'The Hill' to Maple Hill:a> House Speaker Melvin Neufeld suggested that without the benefits from KU, Lawrence would be no different from Maple Hill. Communities that are home to universities should be asked to pay higher taxes to support the universities, because they derive greater benefits, Neufeld said. Ask someone about Neufeld's statement in Maple Hill, though, and the polite "how-do-you-do" is likely to turn into confusion and disgust.

(KTKA) Tribes at odds over gambling bill: The gambling bill is on its way to the governor's desk, and that will mean more competition for Indian owned casinos. And while some tribes support the measure, others have some problems with it.

(Harris News Service) Robocall ID approved: Efforts to let the public know more about who's funding political campaigns haven't flown very far this legislative session. Lawmakers left on spring break Wednesday after having passed a single reform bill, a measure to require those who pay for telephone political advertisements to identify themselves.

(Topeka Capital-Journal) Lawmakers argue over tax cuts: House and Senate Republican leaders found themselves at odds Thursday over the package of state tax cuts adopted in the 2007 regular session.

(Topeka Capital-Journal) Presidential primary still in play: Advocates for a 2008 presidential primary in Kansas may orchestrate a last-ditch campaign during the Legislature's wrap-up session to insert $2 million into the budget for the special statewide election.

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