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Letter: Downtown needs help

April 19, 2007

Last Thursday, I was in Eudora and thought it would be nice to stop by the Family Memories scrapbook store.

There were sad signs on the windows announcing the store would close by the end of April. Why?

This business has a great niche market with a steady flow of customers coming to Eudora. It was always busy with crop nights and other types of helpful work days for avid scrapbook fanciers. I stepped in and soon got a clue to its closing as I smelled a sewage problem that made it hard for customers to linger or shop at the store.

Stepping out into the fresh air and walking across the street, I ate lunch at Jasmin's. I watched a large group of women arrive for a noon luncheon at Madame Hatter's. Of course some of them had to walk into the street to detour around the hazard barriers in front of the painted retaining wall. After lunch the women walked down the street. They, too, had stopped in Family Memories and couldn't linger too long. So detouring the barriers, groups of them walked down the street to check out Quilting Bits & Pieces. If Broers Flowers was still in business, I know they would have shopped there also.

We've lost Broers Flowers, Blue Collar Press and Family Memories. Are there others who've moved from Main Street?

Count all the empty buildings. Those buildings and empty shops don't add any live interest to Main Street. What are the rents for the empty stores? Are the rents too high? Do the stores need to be repaired? Are spaces too small for businesses which people want to start?

I hope my letter will spark some help in reviving our Main Street before we celebrate EudoraFest.

This is a great community of wonderful people.

Elizabeth Woods


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